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111 Most Popular Anglo-Saxon Girl Names


Are you looking for a trendy Anglo-Saxon name for your newborn baby Girl? To help you in searching for Anglo-Saxon baby girl names, we have created an extensive list of 111 most popular girl names in Anglo-Saxon origin.

Choose a unique name from our newest collection of 111 popular Anglo-Saxon Baby Girl Names with meaning.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Alodie wealthyAnglo-SaxonGirl 1
Andrea Feminine of Andrew a defender of mankind who is manly and strongAnglo-SaxonGirl 7
Ardith The one fighting a good warAnglo-SaxonGirl 6
Avery Confirmation they are an Elf ruler a sageAnglo-SaxonGirl 8
Bliss joyAnglo-SaxonGirl 7
Brona A brown-haired or dark-haired womanAnglo-SaxonGirl 5
Capri the goatAnglo-SaxonGirl 2
Carolyn A joyful song of happinessAnglo-SaxonGirl 7
Cartimandua A name of the Brigantes QueenAnglo-SaxonGirl 6
Chelsea A chalk wharfAnglo-SaxonGirl 8
Clover A plant that origins from the pea family and is a fodder plant for animalsAnglo-SaxonGirl 3
Coenburga Woman bold like a fortressAnglo-SaxonGirl 5
Colley A black coloured birdAnglo-SaxonGirl 9
Collibe Hailing from a dark, dull village with no source of lightAnglo-SaxonGirl 4
Courtnay Lives in the court CourtdwellerAnglo-SaxonGirl 9
Crews A family which once had lived as dwellers at a cattlepen or a cattlefoldAnglo-SaxonGirl 5
Cuthburga A massive fortressAnglo-SaxonGirl 2
Cuthburh One who keeps recordsAnglo-SaxonGirl 2
Cwen A born QueenAnglo-SaxonGirl 9
Cyne A Royal personAnglo-SaxonGirl 2
Cyneburga The one from Royal fortressAnglo-SaxonGirl 6
Cyneburh A famous personalityAnglo-SaxonGirl 6
Darelene Sweet and lovableAnglo-SaxonGirl 1
Darelle Gently lovedAnglo-SaxonGirl 3
Darla Very dear oneAnglo-SaxonGirl 9
Darlene A child loved by allAnglo-SaxonGirl 5
Darlene tenderly beloved, little darlingAnglo-SaxonGirl 5
Dawn Daybreak timeAnglo-SaxonGirl 6
Denegyth A healthy, cute and a master of great personalityAnglo-SaxonGirl 7
Dixie The French word for ten southern stateAnglo-SaxonGirl 6
Eadberth It means a blessed personAnglo-SaxonGirl 9
Eadgifu They are a rich gift to mankindAnglo-SaxonGirl 8
Eadgyth Wife of a wise counsellorAnglo-SaxonGirl 7
Eadgytha Wise wife of a counsellorAnglo-SaxonGirl 8
Eadhild Maid of a rich battleAnglo-SaxonGirl 7
Eadlyn A healthy and wealthy friendAnglo-SaxonGirl 7
Ealhswith One who is lucky and fertileAnglo-SaxonGirl 6
Earcongota One with broad visions and ideasAnglo-SaxonGirl 9
Edhida One who is joyful and happyAnglo-SaxonGirl 4
Edhitha The one who is prosperous and lovelyAnglo-SaxonGirl 1
Editha Blessed to be successful person or individualAnglo-SaxonGirl 2
Edla A born Princess they are efficient and joyousAnglo-SaxonGirl 4
Eduwiges Fighting woman one who is a good speakerAnglo-SaxonGirl 3
Edwina A successful friend a rich and wealthy friendAnglo-SaxonGirl 2
Edwinc Warrior one who has varied experiencesAnglo-SaxonGirl 4
Edyna One who came from edinburghAnglo-SaxonGirl 4
Egberthe A brilliant sword which is uniqueAnglo-SaxonGirl 7
Egbertina A shinning sword which can killAnglo-SaxonGirl 9
Egbertine A pointed edge of sword very sharpAnglo-SaxonGirl 4
Eidyth Joyous and loving personAnglo-SaxonGirl 8
Eidytha Joyous and lovely personAnglo-SaxonGirl 9
Eldit A wealthy and sweet natured personAnglo-SaxonGirl 5
Eldridge A sage like faithful and wise advisorAnglo-SaxonGirl 1
Elfgifu A gift from the ElvesAnglo-SaxonGirl 3
Elfin One who is the ruler of the ElvesAnglo-SaxonGirl 1
Elivina A beautiful friend of the ElvesAnglo-SaxonGirl 9
Ellan Bright and shining light of magicAnglo-SaxonGirl 8
Ellette A little, magical ElfAnglo-SaxonGirl 7
Elwine this name means a friend of the elvesAnglo-SaxonGirl 5
Engelieth a battleAnglo-SaxonGirl 4
Eoforhild a battle of boarsAnglo-SaxonGirl 2
Eormengyth somebody who takes a public oathAnglo-SaxonGirl 4
Eormenhild a feminized word meaning someone who has taken a public oathAnglo-SaxonGirl 4
Eostre goddess of the dawnAnglo-SaxonGirl 1
Eowyn she was a shieldmaiden and relative of King TheodenAnglo-SaxonGirl 1
Esla it is an Anglo-Saxon word meaning truthAnglo-SaxonGirl 1
Ethelinda Noble serpentAnglo-SaxonGirl 6
Faina joyfulAnglo-SaxonGirl 4
Frideswid Peace that is sustainableAnglo-SaxonGirl 7
Frideswide Refers to sustainable peaceAnglo-SaxonGirl 3
Fridiswed One living with peaceAnglo-SaxonGirl 7
Fridiswid One who is with peaceAnglo-SaxonGirl 2
Fridswed Oh who like peaceAnglo-SaxonGirl 7
Gaega A topographic name hill and streamAnglo-SaxonGirl 3
Georgianna Similar to GeorgeannaAnglo-SaxonGirl 1
Georgina A form of GeorgiaAnglo-SaxonGirl 4
Githa giftAnglo-SaxonGirl 9
Goode the person who performed good deeds or acts of kindnessAnglo-SaxonGirl 1
Haedde A deserving, low-born womanAnglo-SaxonGirl 9
Haeddi One who deserves somethingAnglo-SaxonGirl 4
Hagona An Anglo-Saxon name for a low botn womenAnglo-SaxonGirl 1
Hairud She of fame and honorAnglo-SaxonGirl 7
Hayley Hay MeadowAnglo-SaxonGirl 4
Herelufu means here army lufu loveAnglo-SaxonGirl 6
Herley Individuality, Self confidence, IndependentAnglo-SaxonGirl 1
Hicela An old Anglo-Saxon female nameAnglo-SaxonGirl 2
Hlappa A name given to a low-born daughterAnglo-SaxonGirl 9
Hluda A daughter who is of low statusAnglo-SaxonGirl 1
Hluppa A woman who was born in a low statusAnglo-SaxonGirl 2
Hoca A woman who is of low rankAnglo-SaxonGirl 9
Hocca A name given to she who is of low rankAnglo-SaxonGirl 3
Hocga An Anglo-Saxon old girls nameAnglo-SaxonGirl 7
Hounild A female name of Anglo-Saxon originAnglo-SaxonGirl 2
Hounilda A girls name of Anglo-Saxon originAnglo-SaxonGirl 3
Kendra Kendra means She is a ProphetessAnglo-SaxonGirl 8
Kendra understaning, knowledgeAnglo-SaxonGirl 8
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