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150 Most Popular Boy Names in France


Are you looking for a trendy French name for your newborn baby Boy? To help you in searching for French baby boy names, we have created an extensive list of 150 most popular boy names in France.

Choose a modern name from our newest collection of 150 Baby Boy Names in France.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Achille PainFrenchBoy 5
Adelard Noble and BraveFrenchBoy 9
Aime BelovedFrenchBoy 1
Alain Little RockFrenchBoy 1
Alain Little Rock, HandsomeFrenchBoy 1
Alban WhiteFrenchBoy 3
Alcide StrengthFrenchBoy 7
Alexandre warrior or defender of mankind, defending menFrenchBoy 3
Alphonse Noble, Ready for battleFrenchBoy 9
Amable LovableFrenchBoy 7
Ames FriendFrenchBoy 2
Andre ManlyFrenchBoy 6
Antoine Priceless One, flowerFrenchBoy 6
Apollinaire father lion, father light, strength, or to destroyFrenchBoy 4
Armel Bear prince or Bear chieftainFrenchBoy 4
Arthur BearFrenchBoy 5
Baptiste Baptized, BaptistFrenchBoy 2
Baptiste BaptistFrenchBoy 2
Beau HandsomeFrenchBoy 2
Bellamy Handsome friendFrenchBoy 7
Bernard Brave as a bearFrenchBoy 8
Blaise StammerFrenchBoy 3
Blaise LispingFrenchBoy 3
Boniface Good FateFrenchBoy 1
Brice Swift, SpeckledFrenchBoy 1
Calloway Place of stonesFrenchBoy 2
Cedric Kindly, LovedFrenchBoy 6
Chaucer Pants MakerFrenchBoy 5
Christophe Bearer of ChristFrenchBoy 4
Claude Crippled, LameFrenchBoy 1
Come Decency, OrderFrenchBoy 9
Constantin Constant, SteadfastFrenchBoy 3
Corneille Horn Player or MakerFrenchBoy 3
Coyne ModestFrenchBoy 8
Crue FlooFrenchBoy 2
Damien To TameFrenchBoy 1
Damond The WorldFrenchBoy 6
DArtagnan Person From ArtagnanFrenchBoy 8
Dax Leader, A town in southwestern FranceFrenchBoy 2
Didier Desired, BelovedFrenchBoy 4
Dieudonne Given by GodFrenchBoy 1
Dorian Doris - a Greek district, of DorosFrenchBoy 7
Doudlens from Lens, FranceFrenchBoy 4
Draper Cloth makerFrenchBoy 8
Duval of the valleyFrenchBoy 6
Elie The Lord is my God, God helpsFrenchBoy 4
Elouan Good LightFrenchBoy 5
Elroy The KingFrenchBoy 3
Emile To strive, excel, rivalFrenchBoy 8
Emmanuel God is with usFrenchBoy 3
Etienne Crown, Garland, wreathFrenchBoy 9
Fabien BeanFrenchBoy 1
Fabrice works with the handsFrenchBoy 8
Fabrice CraftsmanFrenchBoy 8
Faustin Auspicious, LuckyFrenchBoy 9
Ferdinand Daring JourneyFrenchBoy 3
Firmin Firm, SteadfastFrenchBoy 6
Florent Flourishing, ProsperousFrenchBoy 9
Florimond Prosperous, ProtectionFrenchBoy 7
Foy FaithFrenchBoy 1
Francis FrenchmanFrenchBoy 7
Francois Free, FrenchmanFrenchBoy 4
Gabin From The City Of GabiiFrenchBoy 6
Gabriel God is my strengthFrenchBoy 9
Gael Joyful, people who speak GaelicFrenchBoy 7
Gaetan From GaetaFrenchBoy 3
Gaston from Gastony, the foreigner, the guestFrenchBoy 4
Gaubert Bright RulerFrenchBoy 2
Gauvain HawkFrenchBoy 3
Gerard Brave SpearFrenchBoy 8
Germain BrotherFrenchBoy 4
Ghislain Hostage or PledgeFrenchBoy 7
Gilles Pledge, Young GoatFrenchBoy 1
Granville Big TownFrenchBoy 1
Gustave The staff of God, glorious guestsFrenchBoy 5
Gwenhael Generous, BlessedFrenchBoy 3
Harvey Battle worthyFrenchBoy 7
Hercule GloryFrenchBoy 9
Hubert Bright HeartFrenchBoy 2
Hugo MindFrenchBoy 6
Isidore gift from AsetFrenchBoy 7
Jacques SupplanterFrenchBoy 4
Janvier The month of JanuaryFrenchBoy 7
Jean God is graciousFrenchBoy 3
Jean-Baptiste God is gracious, To DipFrenchBoy 5
Jean-Luc God is gracious, from LucaniaFrenchBoy 3
Jean-Paul God is gracious, Small, HumbleFrenchBoy 8
Joachim Raised by God, God has grantedFrenchBoy 5
Joffrey District of PeaceFrenchBoy 4
Jules Downy-beardedFrenchBoy 4
Kylian War, Strife, ChurchFrenchBoy 9
Lamont From the MountainFrenchBoy 3
Laurent Crowned with Laurel, An ancient Italian cityFrenchBoy 1
Leon LionFrenchBoy 1
Liam strong-willed warrior, ProtectorFrenchBoy 8
Loic famous battleFrenchBoy 3
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