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Muisca Mythology God and Goddess Names For Baby


AngelsName has collected God and Goddess names of Muisca mythology, which you may consider for your newly born baby boy and girl.

List of South American, Muisca tribe God, Goddess and Legend names for your Baby are given below:

Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Bachue Mother goddessMuisca Girl 4
Bochica Messenger god of civilizationMuisca Boy 5
Chaquen God of sports and fertilityMuisca Boy 6
Chi Trinity deityMuisca Boy 2
Chia Goddess of the MoonMuisca Girl 3
Chibchacum God of rain and thunderMuisca Boy 8
Chibrafruime God of warMuisca Boy 5
Chie Moon goddessMuisca Girl 7
Chimini Trinity deityMuisca Boy 2
Chiminigagua Creator god of the MuiscaMuisca Boy 3
Cuchavira God of the rainbowMuisca Boy 5
Cuza Male principle of creationMuisca Boy 6
El Dorado Legendary kings of the MuiscaMuisca Boy 2
Huitaca Goddess of sexual liberationMuisca Girl 9
Lunar Goddess of intoxicationMuisca Girl 3
Nencatacoa God of arts and dance, protector of festivitiesMuisca Girl 5
Sue God of the SunMuisca Boy 9
Xubchasgagua Rebel goddessMuisca Girl 7
Zue Sun godMuisca Boy 7


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