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150 Most Beautiful Muslim Boy Names Starting With Z


Are you looking for a Z-letter Muslim name for your newborn baby Boy? To assist you in your search for beautiful Muslim names, we have put together a thorough list of Traditional, Stylish, and Distinctive Muslim Boys' names starting with Z.

In this article, you will learn about the most popular Z-letter Muslim Boy's names, which you may take into consideration for your new baby boy. (Unique Z-letter Muslim Boy Names and Meanings). Choose a standout "Z" letter name from our most recent list of the top 150 Best Muslim Baby Boy Names starting with "Z" with Meanings.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Zaabit Clever Man, One who remembers, Brilliant and Intelligent, A variant spelling is ZabitMuslimBoy 5
Zaad Victory, successMuslimBoy 5
Zaaef One who is sociable and graciousMuslimBoy 3
Zaafer One who is helpful and a great partnerMuslimBoy 3
Zaafir VictoriousMuslimBoy 7
Zaahid Abstemious, AsceticMuslimBoy 4
Zaahir Bright, ShiningMuslimBoy 9
Zaakir Rememberer of AllahMuslimBoy 3
Zaarib One who is a great WarriorMuslimBoy 3
Zabian One who worships celestial bodiesMuslimBoy 8
Zabien One who worships celestial bodiesMuslimBoy 3
Zabir The person who have Religious KnowledgeMuslimBoy 2
Zaden To increase, grow in statureMuslimBoy 5
Zadfar A glorious birthMuslimBoy 2
Zaeem The Quranic name means leader, resolute, firm, responsible forMuslimBoy 5
Zafar The conquerer , a victorious manMuslimBoy 7
Zafeer The indirect Quranic name for boys means always victorious, always successful, always triumphantMuslimBoy 7
Zafer One who is victoriousMuslimBoy 2
Zafir The indirect Quranic name means victor, successful one, triumphant oneMuslimBoy 6
Zafran Derived from Zarparan for gold stigma of flowerMuslimBoy 3
Zahan Gift of god, worldMuslimBoy 5
Zaheer A radiant and flourishing man, Helper, supporter, protector, patronMuslimBoy 9
Zahi Bright and shiningMuslimBoy 8
Zahid Devoted To God, Self-denying or asceticMuslimBoy 3
Zahier A radiant and flourishing manMuslimBoy 4
Zahil Zahil is a Muslim boys name meaning calmMuslimBoy 2
Zahir Bright, shiningMuslimBoy 8
Zahire A radiant and flourishing manMuslimBoy 4
Zahirul One who is the prominent followerMuslimBoy 5
Zahrun One who blossoms like a flowerMuslimBoy 7
Zahuk One who laughs often, joyousMuslimBoy 4
Zahur One who is like an angel, bright-facedMuslimBoy 2
Zaid Abundance, excess, growth, To prosperMuslimBoy 4
Zaifullah One who is under the special care and protection of AllahMuslimBoy 6
Zaigham Lion,king of the jungleMuslimBoy 2
Zaim Brigadier generalMuslimBoy 4
Zaimuddin One who is the leader of the religionMuslimBoy 2
Zain Handsome, BeautifulMuslimBoy 5
Zain Ul Abideen Adornment of the worshipers or one who is a source of pride for the MuslimsMuslimBoy 6
Zainul One who is elegant and intelligentMuslimBoy 2
Zakaa Sharpness of mind, clevernessMuslimBoy 4
Zakariah God has rememberedMuslimBoy 3
Zakariya A Prophets nameMuslimBoy 2
Zakariyya A Prophets nameMuslimBoy 9
Zakawat One who is intelligentMuslimBoy 2
Zakee Righteousness, purification, sinlessMuslimBoy 3
Zakhif One who is marvellousMuslimBoy 7
Zakhil A bright and rosy beginningMuslimBoy 4
Zaki Intelligent, Pure, Righteousness, purification, sinlessMuslimBoy 2
Zakir Remembering, GratefulMuslimBoy 2
Zakiy PureMuslimBoy 9
Zakwan One who is sharp-witted and intellgentMuslimBoy 4
Zaland A bright or dazzling lightMuslimBoy 4
Zalman PeaceMuslimBoy 4
Zalool One who is noble and honestMuslimBoy 9
Zamaair T means ones conscience or ones heartMuslimBoy 6
Zamaar One who has great courageMuslimBoy 6
Zameel One who is gracefulMuslimBoy 8
Zamurad Precious like a diamondMuslimBoy 3
Zamurah One who sparkles like the starsMuslimBoy 7
Zaqawat A wise and prudent soulMuslimBoy 8
Zaram A unique blessing or giftMuslimBoy 5
Zarfaat As precious as DiamondMuslimBoy 1
Zarghun One with great valuesMuslimBoy 5
Zarhawar One who is fearless and adventurousMuslimBoy 6
Zarif One who is humorousMuslimBoy 6
Zarkanay As precious as goldMuslimBoy 7
Zarmast Full of lifeMuslimBoy 8
Zarrar One who is a great warriorMuslimBoy 1
Zashil EnthusiasticMuslimBoy 3
Zauqi Full of life and high-spiritedMuslimBoy 2
Zaviyar BraveMuslimBoy 3
Zayan Beautifier, One Who Makes Things BeautifulMuslimBoy 4
Zayd Growth, abundanceMuslimBoy 2
Zayn Adornment, beauty, grace, honour, excellenceMuslimBoy 3
Zayyan Wild jasmine,honeyMuslimBoy 2
Zayyir One who is wiseMuslimBoy 5
Zee Shah One who is cherished and adoredMuslimBoy 9
Zeebaq A precious stoneMuslimBoy 2
Zeeshan Dignified, Respected, Person who stay with styleMuslimBoy 6
Zehab A precious gemMuslimBoy 6
Zehan Bright-faced angelMuslimBoy 9
Zerdad One who is a great leader and helps mankindMuslimBoy 4
Zgard One who leads his life without fear, A strong-willed individualMuslimBoy 2
Ziad One who betters himself , growthMuslimBoy 4
Ziarmal One who is honest and works hardMuslimBoy 8
Ziauddin Leading light of faith or religionMuslimBoy 7
Ziaul Haq True light of the worldMuslimBoy 5
Ziaur Rahman Light of the most gracious AllahMuslimBoy 4
Zibal One who is dignified and honestMuslimBoy 5
Zihayr One who is brilliant or shiningMuslimBoy 6
Zihni One who is highly intelligentMuslimBoy 3
Zijad One who leads from the front, a great leaderMuslimBoy 5
Zikri One who is a great follower of AllahMuslimBoy 1
Zillullah One who is under the shelter of the AlmightyMuslimBoy 5
Zillur Rahman One who is the face of the AllahMuslimBoy 9
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