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100+ Most Beautiful Muslim Girl Names Starting With R


Are you looking for an R-letter Muslim name for your newborn baby Girl? To assist you in your search for beautiful Muslim names, we have put together a thorough list of Traditional, Stylish, and Distinctive Muslim Girls' names starting with R.

In this article, you will learn about the most popular R-letter Muslim Girl's names, which you may take into consideration for your new baby girl. (Unique R-letter Muslim Girl Names and Meanings). Choose a standout "R" letter name from our most recent list of the top 100+ Best Muslim Baby Girl Names starting with "R" with Meanings.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Raabia HillMuslimGirl 5
Raabihaat WinnerMuslimGirl 7
Raafa Kindness, sympathyMuslimGirl 9
Raahi TravellerMuslimGirl 1
Raaida LeaderMuslimGirl 7
Raaiqa PureMuslimGirl 2
Raameen ObedientMuslimGirl 3
Raawiya Transmitter Of Ancient Arabic PoetryMuslimGirl 6
Raazia SatisfiedMuslimGirl 2
Rabab White CloudMuslimGirl 6
Rabeea Garden, SpringtimeMuslimGirl 5
Rabhya WorshippedMuslimGirl 1
Rabia Spring, FourthMuslimGirl 4
Rabiah Garden, SpringtimeMuslimGirl 3
Rabita BandMuslimGirl 6
Rabiyah HillMuslimGirl 1
Rabwa Highland, hillMuslimGirl 9
Rabwah HighlandMuslimGirl 8
Radhiya Content, SatisfiedMuslimGirl 3
Radhiyaa Content, SatisfiedMuslimGirl 4
Radhwaa A Mountain InMedinaMuslimGirl 2
Radiya Content one, pleased oneMuslimGirl 4
Radiyah Content, SatisfiedMuslimGirl 3
Radwa A Mountain InMedinaMuslimGirl 2
Raeesah PrincessMuslimGirl 3
Rafa Happiness, Prosperity, Kindness, SympathyMuslimGirl 8
Rafah Pleasant, Luxurious Life, MercyMuslimGirl 7
Rafal To Trail A GarmentMuslimGirl 2
Rafat MercyMuslimGirl 1
Rafeeqa Kind, gentle companionMuslimGirl 8
Rafia High, exalted, sublime, that which raises somethingMuslimGirl 8
Rafiah Sublime, ExquisiteMuslimGirl 7
Rafidah SupportMuslimGirl 2
Rafif To Gleam, ShimmerMuslimGirl 4
Rafqa WideMuslimGirl 7
Raghad PleasantMuslimGirl 3
Raghd PleasantMuslimGirl 2
Raghda PleasantMuslimGirl 3
Raghidah PleasantMuslimGirl 2
Rahaf Delicate, FineMuslimGirl 7
Raheda Right-mindedMuslimGirl 1
Raheebah GenerousMuslimGirl 3
Raheemah MercifulMuslimGirl 5
Rahifa SharpMuslimGirl 7
Rahila TravellerMuslimGirl 4
Rahima Merciful, compassionateMuslimGirl 5
Rahimah Merciful, CompassionateMuslimGirl 4
Rahiq NectarMuslimGirl 8
Rahma MercyMuslimGirl 5
Rahmah MercyMuslimGirl 4
Raidah LeaderMuslimGirl 5
Raifah MercifulMuslimGirl 7
Raizel RoseMuslimGirl 8
Raja HopeMuslimGirl 3
Rajia HopeMuslimGirl 3
Ramlah Old Arabic NameMuslimGirl 8
Ramziyah SymbolicMuslimGirl 2
Rana Eye-catching, attractive, To Gaze, LookMuslimGirl 7
Randa Tree Of Good ScentMuslimGirl 2
Raneem To Recite In A Sing Song VoiceMuslimGirl 2
Rania Delightful, contentMuslimGirl 7
Ranim To Recite In A Sing Song VoiceMuslimGirl 1
Raniya GazingMuslimGirl 5
Raniyah GazingMuslimGirl 4
Rasha Young GazelleMuslimGirl 2
Rashad StraightMuslimGirl 6
Rasheeda Wise, MatureMuslimGirl 7
Rashida Righteous, wiseMuslimGirl 6
Rashidah Wise, MatureMuslimGirl 5
Rasiyat Massive, ToweringMuslimGirl 3
Rasmiyah Official, FormalMuslimGirl 4
Rawah Charm, Beauty, SplendorMuslimGirl 6
Rawdah GardenMuslimGirl 1
Rawdha GardenMuslimGirl 1
Rawhah NiceMuslimGirl 5
Rawhiyah SpiritualityMuslimGirl 3
Rawiah Transmitter Of Ancient Arabic PoetryMuslimGirl 6
Rayhanah Aromatic Sweet BasilMuslimGirl 4
Rayya Sated With DrinkMuslimGirl 7
Rayyaa Sated With DrinkMuslimGirl 8
Razaan Sensibility And RespectMuslimGirl 7
Razan Sensibility And RespectMuslimGirl 6
Raziya Content one, pleased oneMuslimGirl 8
Reem GazelleMuslimGirl 5
Reema White AntelopeMuslimGirl 6
Reyah Winds, strengthMuslimGirl 3
Rida Favored By GodMuslimGirl 5
Rida Contentment, Favored By GodMuslimGirl 5
Rihab Vastness, ExpanseMuslimGirl 2
Riham Lasting, Fine RainMuslimGirl 4
Rihana Sweet BasilMuslimGirl 6
Rihanna Fragrance, good scentMuslimGirl 2
Rim GazelleMuslimGirl 4
Rima White AntelopeMuslimGirl 5
Rimsha Bouquet Of FlowersMuslimGirl 5
Riyah Gales, strong winds, fragrant smellsMuslimGirl 7
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