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Most Beautiful Muslim Girl Names Starting With U


Are you looking for a U-letter Muslim name for your newborn baby Girl? To assist you in your search for beautiful Muslim names, we have put together a thorough list of Traditional, Stylish, and Distinctive Muslim Girls' names starting with U.

In this article, you will learn about the most popular U-letter Muslim Girl's names, which you may take into consideration for your new baby girl. (Unique U-letter Muslim Girl Names and Meanings). Choose a standout "U" letter name from our most recent list of the top and Best Muslim Baby Girl Names starting with "U" with Meanings.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Ubaab Waves, Heavy RainMuslimGirl 9
Ubab Waves, Heavy RainMuslimGirl 8
Udaina Place of everlasting blissMuslimGirl 5
Uhud Commitment, Pledge, DelegationMuslimGirl 9
Ula Uppermost, HighestMuslimGirl 7
Ulfah Harmony, IntimacyMuslimGirl 3
Umamah Young Mother, Name Of The Prophet s GranddaughterMuslimGirl 3
Umaymah Young MotherMuslimGirl 1
Umm Kalthum Name Of The Prophets DaughterMuslimGirl 7
Umm Kulthoum Someone with a chubby faceMuslimGirl 6
Ummah Nation, communityMuslimGirl 2
Umnia Wish, desireMuslimGirl 4
Umniyah A Wish, An AspirationMuslimGirl 1
Urshia One who belongs in the skiesMuslimGirl 4
Urub Devoted, loving, full of loveMuslimGirl 8
Urwa Handhold, SupportMuslimGirl 9
Urwah Evergreen treeMuslimGirl 8
Usaimah Old Arabic NameMuslimGirl 9
Usaymah Old Arabic NameMuslimGirl 7
Uswa Example, model, patternMuslimGirl 1
Uwaysah Bilberry, WhortleberryMuslimGirl 8
Uwra SupportMuslimGirl 9
Uzma GrandMuslimGirl 7


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