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Top 200 Jewel and Gemstone Names for Baby Boys


Are you looking for a precious name for your newborn baby Boy that is inspired by Jewels and Gemstones? We have compiled a comprehensive list of the most beautiful Gemstone names to help you in searching for gems & jewelry names that will fill your heart with a ray of hope.

Benefits of Gemstones:
A gemstone spiritual meaning is the emotional and physical benefits that it can bring into your life. Gemstones can boost your energy; clean your space; attract wealth; enhance your intuition; increase mental abilities; boost your confidence; bring abundance; or even attract love.

In this article, you will get to know the unique boy names that mean Gemstone, which you may consider for your newborn baby boy (Boy Names Meaning Gemstone). From our most recent list of the top 200 best Boy Names inspired by the precious Jewel and Gemstone, pick one that stands out.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Agamani Gem, GemstoneIndianBoy 1
Akalratan Loving Gem of GodIndianBoy 7
Alagumani Handsome GemIndianBoy 7
Alagumuthu Handsome GemBengaliBoy 8
Alagurathinam Handsome GemIndianBoy 9
Anbumani Lovely Gem, Lord ShivaIndianBoy 3
Anmolratan Priceless GemIndianBoy 1
Anush The Sun God, Permanent, Gem StoneArmenianBoy 9
Arulmani Blessed GemBengaliBoy 8
Biswaratna Gem of WorldIndianBoy 9
Chalcedony Light blue gemstone, known for nurturing interpersonal connections and relationshipsLatinBoy 9
Chandraneel A Precious Blue GemIndianBoy 4
Chandraratna Moon Pearl or GemIndianBoy 4
Chellamani Cute Pearl, Precious GemIndianBoy 6
Chemmani Precious GemIndianBoy 3
Chintratna Gem of thought, A fabulous gem considered to grant all desiresIndianBoy 9
Cintamari Gem of Thought, Gem that Fulfils DesiresIndianBoy 7
Cutter Gem CutterEnglishBoy 6
Deivamani Blessed GemIndianBoy 6
Dharmaratna A Gem like Person Amongst Followers of DharmaIndianBoy 9
Diamond Brilliant GemEnglishBoy 6
Dinamani Gem of the day, SunSanskritBoy 2
Divyamani Heavenly Gem, Name of a RaagaIndianBoy 8
Divyaratna Fabulous or Heavenly GemIndianBoy 7
Eelamani Gem of EelamIndianBoy 6
Elilmani A Beautiful Gem Stone, HandsomeHawaiianBoy 3
Emerald Green, green gemstone, May birthstonePersianBoy 4
Emme Jewel, GemIndianBoy 9
Faridun Precious gemPersianBoy 1
Feridun Precious Gem, Three Times StrongTurkishBoy 5
Fernao Precious Gemstone, Jewel, Brave Yet PeacefulPortugueseBoy 5
Firouz Victorious, Name of a Sassani King, Successful, Gem StoneIranianBoy 5
Firoz Victorious, Light of Diamond, Successful, Gem Stone, ShineArabicBoy 2
Firuz Man of Triumph, Successful, Victorious, Gem StoneIranianBoy 8
Gangol A GemIndianBoy 2
Garnet Pomegranate, deep red gemstone, January birthstoneFrenchBoy 2
Garnett Red like a Pomegranate, Dark Red GemEnglishBoy 4
Gernot A Dark Red Semi-precious Gem StoneGermanBoy 7
Gim As Precious as a GemKoreanBoy 2
Gomedhaka A GemIndianBoy 2
Gurneal Gods or Gurus GemIndianBoy 6
Haracudamani The Crest Gem of SivaIndianBoy 4
Harimani Gem of Vishnu, SapphireIndianBoy 1
Hiresh King of Gems, Lord of DiamondsIndianBoy 4
Hiresha King of GemsIndianBoy 5
Hisham Handsome, Beneficence, King of Gems, Companion of Prophet MuhammadArabicBoy 4
Indumani Gem of the Moon, Moon StoneIndianBoy 4
Iolite Violet colored gemstoneGreekBoy 7
Isaimani Gem of MusicIndianBoy 3
Jacinth Blue larkspur, red and orange colored precious gemstoneEnglishBoy 2
Jagratan Gem of the WorldSikhBoy 9
Jashisth GemIndianBoy 4
Jasper The name of a Gemstone, TreasurerPersianBoy 6
Jasper-Om Treasure Holder, Jasper-stone, The name of a Gemstone, The Sacred SyllablePersianBoy 7
Jauhar Jewel, Gem, PearlArabicBoy 5
Jawhar Jewel, Gem, Essence, Precious Stone, Plural of JawharaArabicBoy 7
Jaynil Victory over GemsIndianBoy 8
Jett Excellence, black gemstoneEnglishBoy 1
Kaew GemThaiBoy 4
Kalaimani Gem of ArtsIndianBoy 8
KalaiVanan True, Gem of ArtsTamilBoy 5
Kaustav A Legendary Gem, A Gem Worn by Lord VishnuSanskritBoy 5
Kausthub A Gem Worn by Lord VishnuIndianBoy 4
Kaustubh A legendary gem, a gem worn by Lord VishnuIndianBoy 4
Kaustuv A GemIndianBoy 7
Koustav Valuable Stone, The Gem of Lord Krishna, Came from KohinoorIndianBoy 1
Koustub A Gem on the Chest of Lord VishnuIndianBoy 1
Kulratan Gem of FamilySikhBoy 8
Larimar Blue gemstoneSpanishBoy 9
Lin Voice, Lives by the Linden Tree Hill, Dwells by the Torrent, Forest, Fine Jade, GemChineseBoy 8
Livpreet Love of Adoration, Absorbed in Gem of the Holy Word, Absorbed in Love of GodSikhBoy 8
Machie Replacement of a lost gemIgboBoy 3
Malachite Mallow plant, rich green gemstoneGreekBoy 9
Maneendra Lord of GemsIndianBoy 3
Mani GemThaiBoy 1
Manibhushan Supreme GemIndianBoy 2
Manic Gem, Ruby-likePhilippinesBoy 4
Manickaraj GemIndianBoy 9
Manik Ruby, Gem, A Light Pink to Blood Red Gemstone, Name of Precious DiamondIndianBoy 3
Manikkalingam GemIndianBoy 8
Manikkam Gem, Gemstone, RubyIndianBoy 1
Maniklal Name of Precious Diamond, GemSanskritBoy 1
Manikya Gold, A Light Pink to Blood Red GemstoneIndianBoy 2
Manikyam A Gem, RubyIndianBoy 6
Maniraj A Precious GemIndianBoy 3
Maniratnam Precious Gem or DiamondSanskritBoy 5
Manivel Gem Spear, Gem SwordTamilBoy 4
Maniyan Brave, GemIndianBoy 5
Many Mainland, Crystal Ball that Holds the Power of Rain, Precious Stone Such as GemCambodianBoy 8
Marutatmaj Most Beloved like Gems, Lord HanumanIndianBoy 1
Mithun Gemini, Couple, Twins, BothIndianBoy 4
Mithuna The Zodiac Sign of Gemini, CoupleSanskritBoy 5
Mony Crystal ball that holds the power of rain, precious stone such as gemCambodianBoy 4
Morganite Pink gemstoneAmericanBoy 3
Muthalagan Handsome like a GemTamilBoy 8
Muthumani Gem, PearlIndianBoy 3
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