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Semitic Mythology God and Goddess Names For Baby


AngelsName has collected God, Goddess, Creatures and Legend names of Semitic mythology, which you may consider for your newly born baby boy and girl.

List of Semitic God, Goddess, Legend and Creature names for your Baby are given below:

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Abel To be definedSemiticBoy 2
Adad Assyrian and Babylonian god of storms and weatherSemiticBoy 1
Adam To be definedSemiticBoy 1
Adapa OannesSemiticBoy 5
Addu Assyrian and Babylonian god of storms and weatherSemiticBoy 3
Agasaya War goddessSemiticGirl 1
Agrat-Bat-Mahalat Spirit of uncleannessSemiticBoy 9
Allah Single, all-powerful God of IslamSemiticBoy 7
Allatu An underworld goddessSemiticGirl 4
Amurru Mountain godSemiticBoy 2
An Chief creator and sky godSemiticBoy 6
Anat Canaanite goddess of fertility, love, and warSemiticGirl 9
Anath To be definedSemiticBoy 8
Anatu To be definedSemiticBoy 3
Anu Chief creator and sky godSemiticBoy 9
Ariel To be definedSemiticBoy 9
Armageddon To be definedSemiticBoy 1
Asherah She who walks in the sea, mother goddessSemiticGirl 6
Ashimbabbar Goddess of themoonSemiticGirl 4
Ashtoret GoddessesSemiticGirl 7
Ashur Main God of Assyria, warrior GodSemiticBoy 4
Aspalis Hunting goddessSemiticGirl 5
Aspalis Goddess of huntingSemiticGirl 5
Asratum Fertility GoddessSemiticGirl 3
Astaroth Fertility GoddessSemiticGirl 3
Astaroth A fertility goddessSemiticGirl 3
Astaroth-aka-Ashtaroth A Grand Duke of HellSemiticBoy 9
Astarte Fertility GoddessSemiticGirl 3
Athirat Fertility Goddess, daughter-in-law of the king of heavenSemiticGirl 5
Attar God of the morning starSemiticBoy 6
Baa-Maage Local tutelary godSemiticBoy 4
Baa-Samin lord of heavenSemiticBoy 6
Baa-Sapon Local tutelary godSemiticBoy 6
Baal Canaanite god associated with rain and fertilitySemiticBoy 7
Baal-Hammon Supreme god worshipped in the Phoenician city of CarthageSemiticBoy 8
Baalshamin God of theskySemiticBoy 8
Babel To be definedSemiticBoy 4
Balaam To be definedSemiticBoy 3
Bar-Lgura DemonSemiticBoy 8
Barzabel To be definedSemiticBoy 4
Baubo Mother goddessSemiticGirl 5
Beelzebub Adeity worshipped in the Philistine city of EkronSemiticBoy 8
Bel LordSemiticBoy 1
Bethel Local tutelary godSemiticBoy 7
Cain To be definedSemiticBoy 9
Cithara One of the most ancient stringed instrumentsSemiticBoy 6
Dagan Supreme godSemiticBoy 9
Dagon A god of grain andAgricultureSemiticBoy 5
Delilah To be definedSemiticBoy 6
Dolichenus Weather godSemiticBoy 2
Dusara Local GodSemiticBoy 1
Ea God of water, wisdom, and the arts of civilizationSemiticBoy 6
Eden To be definedSemiticBoy 1
El GodSemiticBoy 8
El El One of the angels SemiticBoy 7
Elagabalus To be definedSemiticBoy 9
Eleb Primordial godSemiticBoy 6
Elil To be definedSemiticBoy 2
Ellil To be definedSemiticBoy 5
Elohim Canaanite father of the gods, most high judge, creator godSemiticBoy 8
Elohim GhostSemiticBoy 8
Enki Creator god associated with water, storms, and wisdomSemiticBoy 3
Enkidu To be definedSemiticBoy 1
Enlil God of creation, wind, land, and the seaSemiticBoy 7
Enuma-Elish To be definedSemiticBoy 8
Eshmun God of healing and the tutelary god of SidonSemiticBoy 8
Esmun God of healingSemiticBoy 9
Eve To be definedSemiticBoy 5
Gad Deityof fortune worshipped during the babylonian captivitySemiticBoy 3
Gilgamesh To be definedSemiticBoy 9
Gomorrah To be definedSemiticBoy 5
Hadad Assyrian and Babylonian god of storms and weatherSemiticBoy 9
Hanbi Father ofPazuzuSemiticBoy 7
Haurun EarthGodSemiticBoy 2
Ilaalge Local GodSemiticBoy 2
Ilah MoonGodSemiticBoy 3
Ilu To be definedSemiticBoy 6
Isara Goddess ofmarriageand childbirthSemiticGirl 3
Ishkur Assyrian and Babylonian god of storms and weatherSemiticBoy 5
Ishtar Goddess of love and war and patroness ofNinevehSemiticGirl 3
Jezebel To be definedSemiticBoy 2
Job To be definedSemiticBoy 9
Jonah To be definedSemiticBoy 3
Khusor God of navigation and incantationsSemiticBoy 2
Kinnar Musician godSemiticBoy 4
Kishar To be definedSemiticBoy 3
Kotar Blacksmith godSemiticBoy 2
Kubaba To be definedSemiticBoy 2
Leviathan To be definedSemiticBoy 2
Lilith To be definedSemiticBoy 7
Liluri MountaingoddessSemiticGirl 9
Lugalbanda To be definedSemiticBoy 3
Malik Tutelary godSemiticBoy 1
Manawat Goddess of destinySemiticGirl 1
Marduk Chief god of the BabyloniansSemiticBoy 5
Martu Tutelary godSemiticBoy 1
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