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Top 100 Best Muslim Baby Boy Names From Around The World


Are you looking for an appealing and modern Muslim name for your newborn Baby Boy? To help you in searching for Top and Popular Muslim baby boy names, we have created an extensive list of the Top 100 best and most popular baby boy names of Muslim origin from around the world.

Choose a unique name from our newest collection of modern and the best Muslim Baby Boy Names from around the world.

Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Aaban More clear, 8th Persian monthMuslimBoy 1
Aadil Honorable judge, Justice, RighteousMuslimBoy 9
Aahil PrinceMuslimBoy 4
Aariz Respectable Man, IntelligentMuslimBoy 1
Aatif United, Joined, TogetherMuslimBoy 1
Ahmar ImmortalMuslimBoy 5
Ahsan MercyMuslimBoy 7
Ali Sublime, Lofty, High, Tall, Excellent, NobleMuslimBoy 4
Amaan PeaceMuslimBoy 3
Amir Ruler, Prince, Rich, ProsperousMuslimBoy 5
Anas A person who brings you joy and peace of mind, who removes worries of yourlifeMuslimBoy 8
Areej Victory, Triumphant, SuccessMuslimBoy 3
Arham MercifulMuslimBoy 5
Asif Bold, Courageous, An able minister, ForgivenessMuslimBoy 8
Atif United, Joined, TogetherMuslimBoy 9
Azhar Flowers, Blossoms, The most shining, LuminousMuslimBoy 9
Azlan LionMuslimBoy 9
Bashar Bringer of glad tidings, Human beingMuslimBoy 4
Bishr JoyMuslimBoy 2
Daniyal IntelligentMuslimBoy 3
Diar An expensive woodMuslimBoy 5
Ehan ExpectedMuslimBoy 1
Ehsan Favor, Good, GoodnessMuslimBoy 2
Fahad Lynx, PantherMuslimBoy 2
Faiz Victorious,Gain, Abundance, Affluence, Liberality, Favour,TriumphantMuslimBoy 6
Faizan Favorite, Beneficence, Generosity, Abundance, BenefitMuslimBoy 3
Faran Happy, AdvancesMuslimBoy 4
Fayaz Kind, Gracious, Extremely generousMuslimBoy 5
Feroz Successful, Turquoise, Victorious, to vanquishMuslimBoy 7
Gamal CamelMuslimBoy 7
Ghazan Holy war fighterMuslimBoy 3
Gulzar Rosegarden, Inhabited town, FlourishingMuslimBoy 4
Hammad One who praises GodMuslimBoy 4
Hanfi School followerMuslimBoy 2
Haris Ploughman, Cultivator, FriendMuslimBoy 1
Ihab LeatherMuslimBoy 2
Imaad Pillar, Post, SupportMuslimBoy 1
Imtiaz Power of discriminationMuslimBoy 6
Inas Capable, Sociability, Powerful, Brilliant, Strong, Majestic, Another name for SuryaMuslimBoy 7
Jahan The WorldMuslimBoy 7
Jaheer Bright, Shining, Sparkling, Luminous, Visible, DistinctMuslimBoy 2
Jidan AbundanceMuslimBoy 2
Jihan Leaping, The Universe, The WorldMuslimBoy 6
Juber Brave warriorMuslimBoy 2
Kifah Struggle, FightMuslimBoy 8
Kiyan Kings, RoyalMuslimBoy 6
Latif Kind, ElegantMuslimBoy 3
Lazim Fitting, Compulsory, NeededMuslimBoy 7
Mahir Expert, BraveMuslimBoy 4
Mazhar ImageMuslimBoy 4
Mohid The one who believes in oneness of Allah almightyMuslimBoy 4
Mohsin Helpful, Beneficent, CharitableMuslimBoy 6
Munib One who turns in repentance, RepentantMuslimBoy 5
Naadir Fresh, Dear, Rare, PinnacleMuslimBoy 2
Nabil Noble, Generous, PeacockMuslimBoy 2
Naeem Comfort, Tranquility, EaseMuslimBoy 2
Naseem Breath of fresh air, Morning air, BreezeMuslimBoy 3
Neeya A desire for something, Purpose,BrightMuslimBoy 5
Omar Elevated, An Era, Long-livedMuslimBoy 2
Pamir Mountain rangeMuslimBoy 3
Qasid MessengerMuslimBoy 5
Qasim Distributor, DividerMuslimBoy 5
Qawee Strong, Powerful, Firm, Mighty, One of the names of AllahMuslimBoy 6
Qutub TallMuslimBoy 9
Raahil One who shows the way, Traveler, Path guiderMuslimBoy 4
Raatib ArrangerMuslimBoy 6
Rabiah GreeneryMuslimBoy 3
Rafan Beautiful, GracefulMuslimBoy 4
Rafay The exalter, To elevate the rankMuslimBoy 6
Riaz Garden, DevotionMuslimBoy 9
Safwan RocksMuslimBoy 1
Saif SwordMuslimBoy 8
Siraj Lamp, LightMuslimBoy 3
Sohaib Reddish, Sandy hairMuslimBoy 9
Tahir Pure, Chaste, Clean, Modest, HolyMuslimBoy 2
Talal Nice, AdmirableMuslimBoy 1
Umair Second Khalifah, IntelligentMuslimBoy 8
Yafi A narrator of HadithMuslimBoy 5
Yahya A prophet nameMuslimBoy 6
Yamin Blessed, Auspicious, Oath, Right hand, Right wing, Right side, RestrainedMuslimBoy 8
Yunus A prophet nameMuslimBoy 1
Yusrah EaseMuslimBoy 2
Zaeem Leader, ChiefMuslimBoy 5
Zafar Rivulet, River, Stream, Little creek, VictoriousMuslimBoy 7
Zaheer Bright, Shining, Sparkling, Luminous, Visible, DistinctMuslimBoy 9
Zaid Growth, Super abundanceMuslimBoy 4
Zaim Leader, ChiefMuslimBoy 4
Zain Beauty, Friend, Beloved, Beautiful, Elegance, HonourMuslimBoy 5
Zameer The character of a person, Heart, Mind, ConscienceMuslimBoy 5


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