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Top 600 Quranic Boy Names With Meaning


Are you looking for a unique and trendy Islamic name for your newborn baby Boy? To help you in searching for trendy and unique Muslim baby names, we have created an extensive list of 600 Quranic baby Boy names.

All the Quranic boy names are sorted with their meaning, numerology, and origin respectively. Choose an adorable Muslim boy name from our newest collection of Top 600 Islamic baby boy names inspired by the Quran.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Aaban Name ofan angelQuranicBoy 1
Aabid Worshiper, One Who Worship Allah, God KnowsQuranicBoy 8
Aadil JusticeQuranicBoy 9
Aahil Great king, Great leader, EmperorQuranicBoy 4
Aakil IntelligentQuranicBoy 7
Aalim Religious scholarQuranicBoy 9
Aamir ProsperousQuranicBoy 6
Aamir Civilised, Well manneredQuranicBoy 6
Aaqil IntelligentQuranicBoy 4
Aarib Healthy, HandsomeQuranicBoy 4
Aariz Respectable man, Rain-bearing cloudQuranicBoy 1
Aashif Bold, CourageousQuranicBoy 8
Aashiq Adorer, lover, SuitorQuranicBoy 1
Aasim ProtectorQuranicBoy 7
Aayaan Long night, Improvisation, Impulse, Instinct, IntuitionQuranicBoy 7
Aban Waters, 8th Month Of The Iranian Calendar Name Of A Certain Angel, Old Arabic Name Dual Of AbuQuranicBoy 9
Abdul Servant of AllahQuranicBoy 4
Abdul Aziz Servant of GodQuranicBoy 3
Abdul Hafeez Servant of the GuardianQuranicBoy 1
Abdul Khabir Servant of the All-Aware, Servant of AllahQuranicBoy 8
Abdul Rehman Rehman Ka BandaQuranicBoy 9
Abdullah Servant of GodQuranicBoy 7
Abrash Spotted, SpeckledQuranicBoy 4
Abu talha A great Sahabi who participaQuranicBoy 3
Abyan Clear, EloquentQuranicBoy 7
Adam Dunya kay pehlay insan, Pehlay Nabi Hazrat Adam ASQuranicBoy 1
Adheem The most greatQuranicBoy 9
Adnan Name of the son of Prophet IshmaelQuranicBoy 7
Adyan Religions, CreedsQuranicBoy 9
Afaque HorizonQuranicBoy 6
Afeef Pure, Chaste, PiousQuranicBoy 5
Affan Forgiving personQuranicBoy 1
Afif Virtuous, Pious, God-Fearing and Devoted to GodQuranicBoy 4
Afridi Aik qabeelay ka nameQuranicBoy 2
Afsan Tale, legend, fictionQuranicBoy 5
Afzal Grace, Buzurg, BartarQuranicBoy 1
Ahad One, Unique, Matchless, Another Name For GodQuranicBoy 5
Ahmad Much Praised, Bohot tareef walaQuranicBoy 9
Ahmadullah The most praised person of AllahQuranicBoy 9
Ahnaf Name of one of the narrators of hadithQuranicBoy 3
Ahsan Acha, Khoob soorat, HaseenQuranicBoy 7
Ahtesham Decency Shreef QuranicBoy 3
Ahyan Gift of GodQuranicBoy 4
Aidh Name of a reciter of the Holy QuranQuranicBoy 4
Aissa JesusQuranicBoy 4
Akeem WiseQuranicBoy 8
Akmal Bara kaamil, Nehaayat mahirQuranicBoy 2
Akram Bohat bakhshnay wala, Bohat mehrbanQuranicBoy 8
Alan HandsomeQuranicBoy 1
Aleem Knowledgeable, Wise, Learned, ExpertQuranicBoy 9
Alfaz Words plu of lafzQuranicBoy 1
Alhan Melody, Beautiful voiceQuranicBoy 9
Ali The High exalted one, The sublimeQuranicBoy 4
Aliyan High Status, Exalted, Sublime and Superb onchy rutbay wala QuranicBoy 8
Alqama A type of Arab sword Arab talwar ki aik qisam QuranicBoy 9
Amaan Protection, safetyQuranicBoy 3
Amaar One who prays 5 times and fastsQuranicBoy 7
Ameer Commander, Prince, KhalifahQuranicBoy 6
Ammar Abad Karny wala, One who brings a place back to life, One who tends and maintains something, Long-lived, God-fearing, Pious, One whose presence brings joy to othersQuranicBoy 1
Amr life, to enlivenQuranicBoy 5
Anas A person who brings you joy and peace of mind, who removes your fears and worriesQuranicBoy 8
Ansar supporters,defenders,upholders,advocatesQuranicBoy 8
Antony AntonyosQuranicBoy 8
Anzik Sword, Talwaar Taiz talwar QuranicBoy 7
Aqib Another Name of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAWQuranicBoy 2
Arabi ArabianQuranicBoy 4
Arash Hero, Leader, Salar, QuaidQuranicBoy 2
Arbab Leader, Masters, Chiefs, People in chargeQuranicBoy 6
Arbaz EagleQuranicBoy 3
Areeb Skillful, Adroit, Aqalmand, AalimQuranicBoy 4
Arhaa heshe caused something to become calmtranquilsereneQuranicBoy 2
Arhab Open-minded, Gracious, Intelligent, Educated and IntellectualQuranicBoy 3
Arham Merciful, CompassionQuranicBoy 5
Arman Khawahish, Arzoo, HoslaQuranicBoy 2
Arsalaan LionQuranicBoy 4
Arsam one who is strong like a bear wo admi jo reach -bear- ki tarha mazbot ho QuranicBoy 7
Arsh Throne, Power, The seventh layer of skyQuranicBoy 1
Aryan Noble, civilizedQuranicBoy 5
Arzaan WorthQuranicBoy 7
Arzan WorthQuranicBoy 6
Asar Mark, Print, Effect, FootprintQuranicBoy 3
Aseed A narrator of HadeethQuranicBoy 7
Asgar devoted to LordQuranicBoy 1
Ashab Master, Friends, CompanionsQuranicBoy 4
Ashal Light and RadianceQuranicBoy 5
Asher Wise, knowledgableQuranicBoy 6
Ashir LivingQuranicBoy 1
Ashmal more inclusive, wider in scopeQuranicBoy 9
Ashraf Bohat shareef, Buzurg tareenQuranicBoy 8
Asif Forgiveness, Qabil AadmiQuranicBoy 8
Asjad Sajda karny walaQuranicBoy 8
Aslam Safer, Freer, Mehfooz o mamoon, Nihayat MehfoozQuranicBoy 1
Athar Neat, CleanQuranicBoy 3
Ather Neat, CleanQuranicBoy 7
Atiq Ancient, NobleQuranicBoy 2
Atlas Aik qisam ka reshmi kapraQuranicBoy 8
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