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Most Popular Hawaiian Baby Boy Names With Meaning


Are you looking for a trendy Hawaiian name for your newborn baby Boy? To help you in searching for Hawaiian baby boy names, we have created an extensive list of the 200+ most popular boy names of Hawaiian origin.

Choose a unique name from our newest collection of the most popular Hawaiian Baby Boy Names with meaning.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Abela Breath, breathing spiritHawaiianBoy 3
Aberahama Father to manyHawaiianBoy 5
Aberama He who has many childrenHawaiianBoy 5
Abesaloma Peaceful fatherHawaiianBoy 6
Abia God is my fatherHawaiianBoy 4
Abiram He who has many childrenHawaiianBoy 8
Abisai Gift of God, gift from GodHawaiianBoy 5
Adamu Red earthHawaiianBoy 4
Adiriano From the city of AdrianHawaiianBoy 8
Adoniia The Lord is my GodHawaiianBoy 8
Ahe softly blowing breezeHawaiianBoy 5
Aheahe Aheahe is a variant of AheHawaiianBoy 1
Ahimeleka Biblical priestHawaiianBoy 2
Aiden Little fireHawaiianBoy 6
Ailani Chief, LeaderHawaiianBoy 1
Akamu Of the Red EarthHawaiianBoy 2
Akela Happy, Joy, feeling pleasure, contented, pleasedHawaiianBoy 3
Akiliano From the city of AdrianHawaiianBoy 9
Akoniia The Lord is my GodHawaiianBoy 6
Alakai Guide, LeaderHawaiianBoy 8
Alebana From AlbaHawaiianBoy 9
Aleferede Counselor, advisorHawaiianBoy 7
Aleka ProtectorHawaiianBoy 3
Alekandero ProtectorHawaiianBoy 5
Alekanekelo ProtectorHawaiianBoy 2
Alekona From the old townHawaiianBoy 5
Alemana WarriorHawaiianBoy 2
Alepana From AlbaHawaiianBoy 5
Alepeleke Counselor, advisorHawaiianBoy 9
Aletona From the old townHawaiianBoy 5
Aliimalu Peaceful leaderHawaiianBoy 6
Alika ProtectorHawaiianBoy 7
Alohalani Full of compassionHawaiianBoy 1
Alohilani Full of compassionHawaiianBoy 9
Aloiki Renowned warHawaiianBoy 3
Aloisi Renowned warHawaiianBoy 2
Amana WarriorHawaiianBoy 3
Amoka StrongHawaiianBoy 5
Anadar CrownHawaiianBoy 3
Anakelea Masculine, manlyHawaiianBoy 5
Anakoni ValuableHawaiianBoy 2
Anederea Masculine, manlyHawaiianBoy 8
Apekaloma Peaceful fatherHawaiianBoy 3
Apela Breath, breathing spiritHawaiianBoy 8
Apelahama Father to manyHawaiianBoy 4
Apelama He who has many childrenHawaiianBoy 4
Apia God is my fatherHawaiianBoy 9
Apikai Gift of God, gift from GodHawaiianBoy 2
Apilama He who has many childrenHawaiianBoy 8
Aremana WarriorHawaiianBoy 8
Asera LuckyHawaiianBoy 8
Augate WiseHawaiianBoy 1
Auguseto WiseHawaiianBoy 1
Augutino WiseHawaiianBoy 9
Aukai SailorHawaiianBoy 7
Aukake WiseHawaiianBoy 5
Aukukeko WiseHawaiianBoy 6
Aukukino WiseHawaiianBoy 4
Bane long-awaited childHawaiianBoy 4
Caleb One faithful as a dogHawaiianBoy 5
Ebena StoneHawaiianBoy 9
Edega WealthyHawaiianBoy 4
Edemona Wealthy protectorHawaiianBoy 3
Edwada Wealthy protectorHawaiianBoy 2
Ekana StrongHawaiianBoy 5
Ekeka WealthyHawaiianBoy 6
Ekekiela Powerful godHawaiianBoy 5
Ekela HelpHawaiianBoy 7
Ekemona Wealthy protectorHawaiianBoy 1
Ekewaka Wealthy protectorHawaiianBoy 3
Ekualo Wealthy protectorHawaiianBoy 2
Ekumena Wealthy protectorHawaiianBoy 7
Elenek Avid, eagerHawaiianBoy 7
Elijah Name of a very famous King and a ProphetHawaiianBoy 9
Elta The Lord is my GodHawaiianBoy 2
Eneki Avid, EagerHawaiianBoy 8
Eneti Avid, EagerHawaiianBoy 8
Epelaima FertileHawaiianBoy 8
Epena StoneHawaiianBoy 5
Eperaima FertileHawaiianBoy 5
Ereneti Avid, EagerHawaiianBoy 4
Etana StrongHawaiianBoy 5
Ethan strong or gift of the islandHawaiianBoy 3
Eukakio SteadyHawaiianBoy 1
Eukepio Worships wellHawaiianBoy 1
Eusebio One who is Worships wellHawaiianBoy 4
Eutakio SteadyHawaiianBoy 1
Ezekiel A person who is made stronger by GodHawaiianBoy 1
Ezekiela Powerful GodHawaiianBoy 2
Ezera HelpHawaiianBoy 1
Haleigha House of the Rising SunHawaiianBoy 6
Halia Remembrance of a loved one, MemorialHawaiianBoy 4
Haulani Royal ruler in Hawaiian, Heavenly IceHawaiianBoy 3
Hikialani Looking up at heavenHawaiianBoy 2
Hilo First night after the new moonHawaiianBoy 8
Kaeo Kaeo means StrongHawaiianBoy 5
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