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Most Popular Hungarian Baby Girl Names With Meaning


Are you looking for a trendy Hungarian name for your newborn baby Girl? To help you in searching for Hungarian baby girl names, we have created an extensive list of the 50+ most popular girl names of Hungarian origin.

Choose a unique name from our newest collection of the most popular Hungarian Baby Girl Names with meaning.

Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Agota FeminineHungarianGirl 8
Aliz KindHungarianGirl 3
Anelia A form of Angela, meaning angelHungarianGirl 6
Benca female form of Bence, means she will conquerHungarianGirl 7
Cintia Hungarian word for Cynthia, the goddess of moonHungarianGirl 2
Csilla A shining starHungarianGirl 2
Dorika A precous gift sent from heavenHungarianGirl 4
Ema this means serious or grandmother or nurse or Wife of JarlHungarianGirl 1
Eniko a young female deerHungarianGirl 9
Enim a word relating to deerHungarianGirl 5
Eszter a Hungarian word meaning starHungarianGirl 3
Eszti a femininized Hungarian word which means starHungarianGirl 7
Eufrozina mirth or merrimentHungarianGirl 7
Finian Fair, light-colored or white hairedHungarianGirl 8
Gisella The name means PladgeHungarianGirl 2
Gizi Gizi is a Hungarian name and means PledgeHungarianGirl 6
Hunor A name of a Hungarian ethnic groupHungarianGirl 4
Ildiko A Fierce WarriorHungarianGirl 6
Ilona Beautiful, SunshineHungarianGirl 6
Jazmin Tall plant that has beautiful flowers which give sweet fragranceHungarianGirl 1
Jolan Violet BlossomHungarianGirl 7
Jolan Derivative of the word Jolan,meaning good girl,violet blossomHungarianGirl 7
Karola Karola means StrongHungarianGirl 4
Katalin Katalin means PureHungarianGirl 5
Katelya Katelya means Clean, ClearHungarianGirl 3
Kati Kati means Clean, Pure, UnsullieadHungarianGirl 5
Katoka Katoka means PureHungarianGirl 5
Kinga Kinga means Clan a FamilyHungarianGirl 6
Kitarni Kitarni means EnduringHungarianGirl 1
Krisztina She who is a christianHungarianGirl 1
Lenke Hungarian name describing Light, brightnessHungarianGirl 2
Lili Oath of God Flower lilyHungarianGirl 6
Lilike Hungarian word for flower lilyHungarianGirl 4
Lizanne A bright glowing ornamentHungarianGirl 9
Lujza A famous warriorHungarianGirl 7
Lujzika A variation of the name Louise meaning a famous fighterHungarianGirl 9
Marika A restless, rebellious womanHungarianGirl 8
Mariora A dame from the sea of heartacheHungarianGirl 3
Marioria A sea of the miseryHungarianGirl 3
Mariska A sea of hearbreak and bitternessHungarianGirl 9
Nikolett The person who is ingenuousHungarianGirl 7
Nora The person who is possessing righteousness and brightnessHungarianGirl 3
Nusa The merciful lady or graceful womanHungarianGirl 1
Oleda The special skill for the most high almighty GodHungarianGirl 1
Orsolya Young tiny female bearHungarianGirl 6
Rebeka A trapping, baiting womanHungarianGirl 6
Res A red-headed womanHungarianGirl 6
Rheanna Spanish - Mouth of River A variant form of Rhea A short form of name MariaHungarianGirl 7
Ria Spanish - Mouth of River A variant spelling is Rhea A short form of name MariaHungarianGirl 1
Rozsika She who is pretty and gorgeous as a roseHungarianGirl 9
Rudolfa A legendary female wolfHungarianGirl 5
Szonja A woman who is wiseHungarianGirl 4
Tica A harvester, one who harvestHungarianGirl 6
Timea Cheerfulness or the good spiritsHungarianGirl 3
Tizane A gypsyHungarianGirl 3
Tunde A small being or human in formHungarianGirl 1
Tunder Refers to pixy or ELFHungarianGirl 1
Zigana Gypsy GirlHungarianGirl 4
Zoe LifeHungarianGirl 1
Zsa-Zsa Rose, Lilly, God is my OathHungarianGirl 2
Zsofia WisdomHungarianGirl 4
Zsusanna Hungarian - Rose, Lilly A variant of name Susanna which is derived from Hebrew name SousannaHungarianGirl 7

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