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Most Popular Persian Baby Girl Names With Meaning


Are you looking for a trendy Persian name for your newborn baby Girl? To help you in searching for Persian baby girl names, we have created an extensive list of the 350+ most popular girl names of Persian origin.

Choose a unique name from our newest collection of the most popular Persian Baby Girl Names with meaning.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Aafreen to praise, to give thanks, to congratulatePersianGirl 5
Abnus A dark colored wood that do not sink, ebonyPersianGirl 3
Abreshmina A spotted gemstone, a gemstone that has spotPersianGirl 9
Abru An honour or the dignity of a personPersianGirl 6
Adh One who is from or of someone or somethingPersianGirl 4
Afhak DewPersianGirl 9
Afsaneh A story about fairiesPersianGirl 9
Afsarara A person who is serving a crownPersianGirl 2
Afshaneh Sprinkling or scatteringPersianGirl 8
Aghigh Name of a stone A stone that is precious, treasured, priceless, immeasurable and rarePersianGirl 4
Ahoo deer, gazellePersianGirl 3
Ahou deer, gazellePersianGirl 9
Allysiah Distinguished, KindPersianGirl 6
Almira Of Higher Birth OrderPersianGirl 9
Armani Faith, Persian - Desire, A variant form of name ArmanPersianGirl 2
Arsha Man, Prayer CeremonyPersianGirl 2
Arsia Throne, One who is worthy of ThronePersianGirl 3
Aryana Utterly pure, noble and pure individualPersianGirl 6
Arzu Desire or wishPersianGirl 3
Astrella A form of Esther, meaning starPersianGirl 7
Avaley One who is pretty as a bird with soundPersianGirl 3
Avalie The one who has huge strength and desirePersianGirl 5
Aytan Moonlike, Beautiful, Brilliant, SerenePersianGirl 7
Azadeh Dry Earth, Detached, Free of Material Things, NoblePersianGirl 9
Azita Noble, High-born, Humble, Free, Name of an Iranian PrincessPersianGirl 3
Azizah Dear, Beloved, Esteemed, Precious, CherishedPersianGirl 8
Azura Sky-BluePersianGirl 4
Bahar SpringPersianGirl 3
Bahar Spring, Prime, Bloom, Beauty, Glory, Delight, YouthPersianGirl 3
Baigum A title for high officialsPersianGirl 8
Bakhita The fortunate onePersianGirl 7
Bano Girl, Lady, Princess, BridePersianGirl 5
Berin Blond, fair, quick and active individualPersianGirl 3
Berina Best, highestPersianGirl 4
Bolour A woman who is like a crystalPersianGirl 2
Caspara She who is the keeper of treasurePersianGirl 5
Cyra Moon facedPersianGirl 2
Daana A knowledgeable personPersianGirl 3
Damsa A silk of white colorPersianGirl 2
Darejani A form of Darejan, meaning uniquePersianGirl 8
Daria QueenPersianGirl 6
Daria Trustworthy natured personPersianGirl 6
Darien Royal giftPersianGirl 6
Darsameen Valuable, expensive, and costlyPersianGirl 8
Darya One who is goodPersianGirl 4
Diba A priceless brocade, smartPersianGirl 7
Dil Shad A worthy person whose heart is filled with happinessPersianGirl 3
Dilara One who is an ornament of beautyPersianGirl 9
Dildar A charming and beloved personPersianGirl 3
Dilnaz Kudish variant of Delnaz It means beloved or sweetheartPersianGirl 3
Dilruba A beautiful and charming personPersianGirl 4
Dilshadkhatoon One who lived between 730- 750PersianGirl 6
Ehteram Respect, Consideration, Admiration, A variant spelling is Ehtiram and IhtiramPersianGirl 7
Elaheh They are the moon goddessPersianGirl 3
Emagine it means image of her mother or innocent or blamelessPersianGirl 9
Estere A form of Esther, meaning starPersianGirl 9
Esther Sweet, Star, Planet Venus, The Babylonian goddess of love, Fifth Century Queen of PersiaPersianGirl 3
Etti myrtle or bride or starPersianGirl 9
Etty a Persian name meaning starPersianGirl 7
Farahnoush One who is always happy, or one who is always joyousPersianGirl 3
Fareena A kind, merciful and charming young womanPersianGirl 5
Fariba A woman who plays tricks on peoplePersianGirl 1
Farideh One who is delightful and uniquePersianGirl 6
Farsiris A royal girl, a princessPersianGirl 9
Farvardin One who protects the good and the purePersianGirl 3
Farzanah Intelligent, smart and wise womanPersianGirl 3
Farzeen A Queen who rulesPersianGirl 3
Farzin A woman QueenPersianGirl 2
Fatemeh A captivating chaste womanPersianGirl 4
Fehmeeda The one who has a clever mindPersianGirl 2
Finnegan Fair, white or palePersianGirl 7
Firoja The turquoise color, shining, a gemstonePersianGirl 5
Freema Refers to gorgeous or stunningPersianGirl 3
Friya The girl who is loving, darling and most affectionatePersianGirl 5
Gelsey A FlowerPersianGirl 1
Gelsomina A kind of shrub with white color sweet smelling flowersPersianGirl 5
Giti Giti means World, UniversePersianGirl 9
Golnar People with this name have a deep inner need for quiet, and a desire to understand and analyze the world they live in, and to learn the deeper truthsPersianGirl 4
Gordia They have good abilities of leadershipThey are idealistic and dramaticalPersianGirl 9
Gordie They have good abilities of leadershipThey are idealistic and dramaticalPersianGirl 4
Gulbarg the petal of soft rose flowerPersianGirl 5
Gulbarg rose the petal of soft rose flowerPersianGirl 8
Gulshan Rose GardenPersianGirl 1
Gulzaar RosePersianGirl 5
Gulzar Garden or Land full with flowersPersianGirl 4
Haleh haloPersianGirl 7
Ham raz A friend who knows every activity of yours, Close friendPersianGirl 4
Hassie A diminutive form of HesterPersianGirl 7
Heer Power, riches, purePersianGirl 9
Hessie StarPersianGirl 2
Hester Star Myrtle leafPersianGirl 3
Homa A mythical Bird, PheonixPersianGirl 1
Huma Lucky Bird, PhoenixPersianGirl 7
Jabeen A name of the Ganga riverPersianGirl 1
Jahan A Persian word for the UniversePersianGirl 7
Jahankhatoon A persian poetPersianGirl 1
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