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Most Popular Yoruba Baby Girl Names With Meaning


Facts about the Yoruba people:-
The Yoruba people are a West African ethnic group that mainly inhabits parts of Nigeria, Benin, and Togo. The areas of these countries primarily inhabited by Yorubas are often collectively referred to as Yorubaland.

Are you looking for a trendy Yoruba name for your newborn baby Girl? To help you in searching for Yoruba baby girl names, we have created an extensive list of the 100+ most popular girl names of Yoruba origin.

Choose a unique name from our newest collection of the most popular Yoruba Baby Girl Names with meaning.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Abebi We asked for a girl childYorubaGirl 1
Abiona One who is born during a journeyYorubaGirl 6
Adankwo One born on fourth dayYorubaGirl 6
Adaoma A good and virtuous ladyYorubaGirl 8
Adaora Daughter of allYorubaGirl 4
Adefolake Your wealth supports usYorubaGirl 6
Aderiyike The pampered crownYorubaGirl 6
Adesina She opens the wayYorubaGirl 8
Adunni A daughter of the sweet personYorubaGirl 9
Aega A palm bird, tiny birdYorubaGirl 5
Aina Beautiful Eyed WomanYorubaGirl 7
Ajayi Born face-downYorubaGirl 1
Alake One to be Honored, One PettedYorubaGirl 3
Amoke Loving stroke or to pet herYorubaGirl 9
Apara One Who Comes And GoesYorubaGirl 1
Atinuke One who has been taken care of right from the conceptionYorubaGirl 9
Ayobami Wealth meet me, one asking for wealthYorubaGirl 3
Ayokunumi I am overwhelmed with wealthYorubaGirl 4
Ayomide Joy has returnedYorubaGirl 9
Ayomisioluwakonitan The Joy of the lord will never diminish in my lifeYorubaGirl 4
Ayotola Joy is enough wealthYorubaGirl 8
Ayotoluwafunmi The joy that the lord has given meYorubaGirl 7
Ayotunde Joy has returnedYorubaGirl 6
Ayotundun Joy is sweetYorubaGirl 9
Ayowonuola Joy enters wealthYorubaGirl 7
Ayowunmi A girl who loves joyYorubaGirl 4
Bandele Born Away From HomeYorubaGirl 7
Bere First daughter of the familyYorubaGirl 3
Bidemi Born awaiting meYorubaGirl 6
Bimpe One who is gorgeous and beautifulYorubaGirl 9
Bisi She who is a first-born daughter in the familyYorubaGirl 3
Bmidele Follow me homeYorubaGirl 5
Bodunde Came with Christmas or one who was born during ChristmasYorubaGirl 2
Bolanle One who finds wealth at homeYorubaGirl 7
Bolatito How joy sanctifies meYorubaGirl 4
Boluwaji Rise up with LordYorubaGirl 3
Boluwatife As God wishes, one who follows the will of GodYorubaGirl 6
Bosede A daughter that came to world on a SundayYorubaGirl 5
Bunmi To be my giftYorubaGirl 5
Dideoluwakusidede The coming of the Lord is at handYorubaGirl 1
Diekololaoluwalayemi The wealth of God in my life cannot be measuredYorubaGirl 5
Doyinsola My wealth is sweetYorubaGirl 6
Emilohi Only God is greatYorubaGirl 8
Emiola The honorable one, or an honorable manYorubaGirl 1
Eniafe A beloved manYorubaGirl 4
Eniiyi A person of integrityYorubaGirl 8
Enitan Person of the story or person with a historyYorubaGirl 9
Eromidola My thought has become wealthYorubaGirl 2
Eyitope This is worthy for praiseYorubaGirl 5
Fadekunmi Add crown to me or add crown for meYorubaGirl 3
Fehintola Rest the back on wealthYorubaGirl 9
Feyisayo Use this as joyYorubaGirl 6
Feyisetan Use this as historyYorubaGirl 5
Feyisola A girl who always has the blessing of her parents on her, my blessingYorubaGirl 2
Fiayosemi The one who has molded her parents with joyYorubaGirl 3
Fibikemi Bless me with your birthYorubaGirl 1
Fisayo God has added me to my joyYorubaGirl 3
Folade The honor arrivesYorubaGirl 7
Folaoluwashade The wealth of God is my crownYorubaGirl 8
Folasade Honor confers a crownYorubaGirl 9
Fowoke A girl who is pampered with moneyYorubaGirl 3
Foyinsola Add honey to the wealthYorubaGirl 8
Funmilayo Gift of God or God has brought me joyYorubaGirl 8
Fyiynfoluwa Give praise to God A person who never forgets to praise God for everythingYorubaGirl 4
Gbemisola Carry me into wealthYorubaGirl 2
Gbohunmi God has heard my cryYorubaGirl 8
Gbolahun Show the wealthYorubaGirl 8
Gboyega Carry the glory highYorubaGirl 8
Ibidolapo A term used for a child whose birth brought the wealth togetherYorubaGirl 2
Ibidun The birth was sweetYorubaGirl 5
Ibilola A girl who is born in richesYorubaGirl 6
Ibironke The family will love this childYorubaGirl 2
Ibukun BlessingsYorubaGirl 6
Ibukunade The blessings have come to meYorubaGirl 7
Ibukunoluwa The blessings of GodYorubaGirl 6
Idowu A daughter who is born after twinsYorubaGirl 9
Ifedayo Love has turned to joyYorubaGirl 2
Ifedolaoluwa God has blessed our loveYorubaGirl 7
Ifedolapo Wealth has been mixed with loveYorubaGirl 2
Ifejesukristi The love of Jesus ChristYorubaGirl 8
Ifelayo Love is peaceYorubaGirl 1
Ifesowapo Love has joined us togetherYorubaGirl 1
Ifetundun Love is sweetYorubaGirl 6
Ifeya Love, a lovable womanYorubaGirl 1
Ige Born feet firstYorubaGirl 3
Ikeoluwa One who is under the constant care of GodYorubaGirl 7
Ileara A healthy childYorubaGirl 1
Ilerioluwa The promise of GodYorubaGirl 8
Iretomiwa Blessing has come to me, a girl who has brought blessings to her familyYorubaGirl 5
Isoken One who is contented with her destinyYorubaGirl 1
Iyawa Ability or skill A skillful womanYorubaGirl 5
Jadesola Come out into wealthYorubaGirl 4
Jadesolaoluwa One who has come out to the wealth of GodYorubaGirl 4
Jaiyeola One who is enjoying a wealthy lifeYorubaGirl 6
Jaiyesimi One who believes in enjoying the lifeYorubaGirl 1
Jesulayotimoni Jesus is the joy I haveYorubaGirl 8
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