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Top 200 Baby Boy Names That Mean Red Color


Are you looking for a unique Red color-inspired baby Boy name for your newborn Baby? To help you in searching for Red theme names, we have created an extensive list of the Top 200 baby Boy names that mean Red color or are related to Red.

In this article, you will get to know Red baby boy names, which you may consider for your newborn baby boy (Boy Names Meaning Red color). All baby boy names that mean Red or are related to Red are collected from different origins in the world and arranged with their meaning, origin, and numerology.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Aadem Earthy, redHebrewBoy 6
Aarnes Red SilkIndianBoy 4
Aaru Tawny Colour, Name of Sun, The Red Blossomed Khadir TreeIndianBoy 5
Abendroth Evening redJewishBoy 6
Abir Red Powder, Red Colour, Colourful Fragrance, Brave, Intelligent RespectArabicBoy 3
Adam Son Of The Red EarthBiblicalBoy 1
Adame Red, groundSpanishBoy 6
Adamu Red earthGypsyBoy 4
Adan Variation of Adam from the Red Earth, Earth, Man, Heaven, Garden of EdenArabicBoy 2
Adem Red EarthAfricanBoy 5
Aderrig From the red fordIrishBoy 8
Adham Black, Son of the Red EarthArabicBoy 9
Admon Red, groundHebrewBoy 2
Aghaderg From the red fordIrishBoy 6
Agnivarna Fire Coloured, Red Faced, Hot, FieryIndianBoy 6
Ahmar Red, Ruddy, Red ColouredArabicBoy 5
Aio Red dragonAfricanBoy 7
Aipal Tasty, Delicious Red Coloured FruitIndianBoy 3
Aka RedJapaneseBoy 4
Akai RedJapaneseBoy 4
Akamu Red roseHawaiianBoy 2
Alroy Red-haired, kingIrishBoy 8
Altan Red dawnTurkishBoy 3
Amana Friendly Disposition, Kindness, Affection, King of the Red Country, WarriorSanskritBoy 3
Arun Sun, Mythical Charioteer of the Sun, Dawn, Red ColourTamilBoy 9
Aruna Reddish brown, dawnSanskritBoy 1
Arunah Reddish like FlameIndianBoy 9
Arunamshu Reddish RaysMarathiBoy 8
Arundeep Red LampIndianBoy 3
Arunpreet One who Loves Redness and the Morning SunIndianBoy 1
Asteroth Red starGreekBoy 7
Aurobindo Name of God, Red LotusBengaliBoy 9
Badgelgar Reducing Air to Ashes, One of the 101 Names of Ahura MazdaIndianBoy 3
Carmine Vivid RedLatinBoy 9
Cheasequah Red birdNative AmericanBoy 7
Cheyenne Red speakersLakotaBoy 7
Clancy Red-Haired WarriorIrishBoy 4
Cole Prince of red rosesIndianBoy 8
Conaire Wise or redIrishBoy 2
Corsen RedWelshBoy 2
Crimson Deep purplish redEnglishBoy 1
Dearg Red hairedGermanBoy 8
Derry Red Oak TreeIrishBoy 7
Earc RedIrishBoy 9
Edom RedHebrewBoy 1
Erc RedIrishBoy 8
Fidaa Sacrifice, Ransom, RedemptionIndianBoy 3
Flanagan Blood redEnglishBoy 2
Flann Red, Red-HeadedIrishBoy 2
Flannery Red EyebrowsIrishBoy 5
Flannghal Red valorIrishBoy 3
Flynn Reddish Complexion Or RuddyIrishBoy 8
Garnet Dark redEnglishBoy 2
Gilroy Son of the red-haired servantIrishBoy 5
Gough RedAustralianBoy 4
Gour Fair, Red, WhiteIndianBoy 7
Griffeth Red hairedWelshBoy 7
Gruffudd Red hairedWelshBoy 6
Gulzara Colour RedIndianBoy 5
Haraye God Man, The Reddish-brown OneIndianBoy 4
Harkin RedGaelicBoy 7
Higanbana red spider lilyJapaneseBoy 3
Hongqi Red flagChineseBoy 7
Humair RedMuslimBoy 7
Igal Redeemed, DefiledArabicBoy 2
Ikiaq Red spruceInuitBoy 2
Irish Red hairedIrishBoy 9
Jengo Building, Strength, One with Reddish ComplexionIndianBoy 6
Jitin One who Rules the Red, One who Rules the BodyTeluguBoy 8
Kamala Pale red, lotusSanskritBoy 3
Kapil Reddish brownSanskritBoy 4
Kapisah RedSanskritBoy 2
Kayuqtuq red foxInuitBoy 7
Keddy Man of the red earthScottishBoy 4
Kingshuk A bright red flowerIndianBoy 1
Laal Lovely, Beloved, Dear One, Red ColourIndianBoy 8
Laima RednessIndianBoy 9
Lalchandra Red MoonIndianBoy 2
Lalji Lovely, Beloved, Dear One, Red Colour, Similar to LalIndianBoy 8
Lall Red Colour, YellowIndianBoy 1
Lalu Lovely, Beloved, Dear One, Love, Red Colour, Similar to LalIndianBoy 1
Leroux The redFrenchBoy 5
Lohit Metal Mind, Soft Heart, Red, Made of Copper, Mars, Bramhaputra River, CopperTeluguBoy 1
Lohitaksh Lord Vishnu, Red EyedTeluguBoy 4
Lohitashwa One with Red Horse, FireTeluguBoy 8
Lootah RedLakotaBoy 8
Malihomma Blow redChoctawBoy 4
Manik Ruby, Gem, A Light Pink to Blood Red Gemstone, Name of Precious DiamondIndianBoy 3
Manikya Gold, A Light Pink to Blood Red GemstoneKannadaBoy 2
Miltiades Red earthGreekBoy 2
Munro From the red marshLatinBoy 9
Numan Blood, Red, HardArabicBoy 9
Odanodan Of the red earthIrishBoy 5
Ogaleesha Wears A Red ShirtSiouxBoy 1
Phoenix Dark redGreekBoy 1
Pirro Red Haired, Flaming HairIndianBoy 4
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