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Top 250 Baby Boy Names That Mean White Color


Are you looking for a unique White color inspired baby Boy name for your newborn Baby? To help you in searching for White theme names, we have created an extensive list of the Top 250 baby Boy names that mean White color or are related to White.

In this article, you will get to know White baby boy names, which you may consider for your newborn baby boy (Boy Names Meaning White color). All baby boy names that mean White or are related to White are collected from different origins in the world and arranged with their meaning, origin, and numerology.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Abban WhiteArabicBoy 2
Abyaz White, Bright, PureArabicBoy 1
Ailbe WhiteIrishBoy 2
Ailbhe WhiteIrishBoy 1
Airaawat White ElephantSanskritBoy 2
Airawat White ElephantIndianBoy 1
Ajune White, White LightSanskritBoy 6
Akar Shape, Form, Flowing Stream, White CrystalIndianBoy 4
Akmar Bright of whitenessIndianBoy 8
Akrsna Not Black, Spotless, White, Pure, MoonSanskritBoy 1
Akzhurek White heartArabicBoy 2
Alba Bright whiteScottishBoy 7
Alban WhiteLatinBoy 3
Alben White, Pale skinnedLatinBoy 7
Albin White, Old English for Brilliant, Pale-skinned, Bright, Blond, Fair One, Mountain, From AlbaChristianBoy 2
Albino Fair One, Blond, WhiteSpanishBoy 8
Albinus White, Blond, Fair OneLatinBoy 6
Albion Britain, White Cliffs, Ancient Poetic name for Britain, White FairChristianBoy 8
Albus White, BrightLatinBoy 1
Alby WhiteEnglishBoy 4
Alva WhiteSwedishBoy 9
Alvin Noble Friend, A City on a White HillChristianBoy 4
Alvino WhiteItalianBoy 1
Amal As Pure as White, To have Hope, OwlArabicBoy 9
Ammal Hard Work, Hope, As Pure as White, UnblemishedArabicBoy 4
Amurti A white horse who is all prevadingIndianBoy 1
Aneel Wind, White, Holy, Immaculate beingSikhBoy 1
Aravinda A white Lotus flowerSanskritBoy 7
Aravindh A white Lotus flower, pure and specialTamilBoy 5
AravIndian A rare white Lotus flowerSanskritBoy 3
Arawaostra One who possesses a white stallionParsiBoy 9
Argenis One who has a Great WhitenessEnglishBoy 1
Arjen From Hadria or white lightDutchBoy 3
Arjun White, Shining, BrightSanskritBoy 1
Arjuna White, ChivalrousTamilBoy 2
Arjune White Light, WhiteTamilBoy 6
Asit Black, one which is not white, PlanetSanskritBoy 4
Aubin Fair, White, Pale-skinnedEnglishBoy 2
Aubyn WhiteEnglishBoy 9
Bagga Pure and WhiteIndianBoy 9
Bagha Tiger, Pure, WhiteIndianBoy 1
Bain White, Pale BridgeEnglishBoy 8
Bainbridge WhiteGaelicBoy 8
Bainbrydge One who lives bear white waterIrishBoy 6
Banbrigge Lives Near the Bridge over the White WaterScotlandBoy 2
Bannon WhiteIrishBoy 6
Barwyn A white moundOld EnglishBoy 2
Bayaz White, BrightIndianBoy 1
Beaumains One with white handsArthurianBoy 4
Bela Pure, White, Within, Intelligent, DestructionIndianBoy 2
Belal White, BrightArabicBoy 5
Berwyn Fair Haired, White HeadIndianBoy 6
Blac WhiteEnglishBoy 9
Blaec Black, WhiteEnglishBoy 5
Blaecman A man who is fair and whiteOld EnglishBoy 6
Blanchard White or fairFrenchBoy 9
Blanco WhiteSpanishBoy 2
Boyne White CowIrelandBoy 7
Caerwyn White BattleWelshBoy 8
Candide WhiteFrenchBoy 4
Candido He glows whiteSpanishBoy 5
Colm Dove, the bird used for the symbol of peace, a short white birdGaelicBoy 7
Columbo A white bird that is used as the symbol of peaceItalianBoy 9
Columbus A small white bird, Dove, used as a symbol of peaceEnglishBoy 7
Culley White as a DoveScottishBoy 6
Dhaval Fair Complexioned, White ColourIndianBoy 3
Dhavalachandra White Moon, Bright and Lustrous, Pure, CleanIndianBoy 8
Dhavalchandra White Moon, Bright and Lustrous, Pure, CleanIndianBoy 7
Dhavasu One who is fair complexioned and white, Bright, LustrousIndianBoy 4
Dhavesh One who is fair complexioned and white, Bright, LustrousIndianBoy 4
Dhavit White, Washed, Pure, CleanIndianBoy 1
Dhawal White, Fair ComplexionedIndianBoy 4
Dhawan White, Lord ShivaIndianBoy 6
Divyatha White, Bright, Luminant, RadiantIndianBoy 9
Dodiya White as MilkIndianBoy 4
Dove GrayWhiteEnglishBoy 1
Dwijaraj One who is a white or a blondeIndianBoy 4
Earwine The one who is white river, a friend of seaEnglishBoy 3
Eilwen Old friend with a white browWelshBoy 5
Eilwyn An old friend with a white browWelshBoy 7
Eirawat White Elephant of Indra, Deorated ElephantSanskritBoy 5
Eirwen Blessed Or White SnowWelshBoy 2
Elgin A white and noble personEnglishBoy 2
Elgine They are noble and whiteEnglishBoy 7
Eljin Noble, WhiteEnglishBoy 5
Elwynn Magical fair white beingWelshBoy 3
Erawat The Celestial White Elephant of IndraSikhBoy 5
Fairouz A white roseArabicBoy 6
Finlay Small Blond Soldier, Fair-haired Courageous One, Fair Warrior, White Warrior, White ChampionChristianBoy 4
Finn WhiteIrishBoy 7
Finnan Fair, white or blondGaelicBoy 4
Finnian A little white, fair manIrishBoy 4
Finny Fair, Fair Warrior, White, OracleHebrewBoy 5
Fion Fair or whiteIrishBoy 8
Fionn Fair, Handsome, WhiteEnglishBoy 4
Fionnbharr A white or blond-haired personGaelicBoy 6
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