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Top 100 Baby Boy Names That Mean Winter Season


Are you looking for a beautiful name for your newborn baby Boy that is inspired by Winter Season? We have compiled a comprehensive list of the most beautiful Winter weather names to help you in searching for lovely names that will fill your heart with calmness, self-reflection, transition, and resilience.

In this article, you will get to know beautiful Winter weather boy names, which you may consider for your newborn baby boy born in Winter (Boy Names Meaning Winter Season). From our most recent list of the top 100 best Boy Names inspired by the Winter season, pick one that stands out.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Akkilokipok Soft snowInuitBoy 4
Andri SnowshoeOld NorseBoy 1
Anyu SnowInuitBoy 7
Aput SnowInuitBoy 4
Aputi Snow on the groudInuitBoy 4
Aqillutaq Fresh snowInuitBoy 2
Arthan Winter or possibly winter bearWelshBoy 8
Bora Snow, Excellent, Brave, HurricaneTurkishBoy 9
Bylur SnowstormIcelandicBoy 6
Dong WinterChineseBoy 4
Douglas Christmas treeScottishBoy 7
Edur SnowBasqueBoy 3
Eirwen White as snowWelshBoy 2
Eryi From SnowdonWelshBoy 3
Fannar SnowdriftOld NorseBoy 9
Genty SnowIrishBoy 8
Haemesh Cool as Ice, Snow, Lord ShivaSanskritBoy 5
Haima Snow, Frost, Dew, GoldenMuslimBoy 5
Haimah The immense snowSanskritBoy 4
Haiman Winter, Cold, Golden, Relating to WinterIndianBoy 1
Hau kea SnowHawaiianBoy 2
Heemesh Cool as Ice, Snow, BrightSanskritBoy 9
Hemai SnowIndianBoy 9
Hemanka Like as SnowIndianBoy 8
Hemanta Early winterIndianBoy 8
Hey WinterInuitBoy 2
Him Snow, Ice, BrightEnglishBoy 3
Hima Hima, Snow, WinterSanskritBoy 4
Himaadri Snow MountainIndianBoy 9
Himacala Abode of SnowIndianBoy 3
Himajay Winner of Snow LandIndianBoy 4
HimaJyoti With Snowlike LightIndianBoy 2
Himakara Snow Handed, Causing Cold, The MoonIndianBoy 8
Himaksh Lord Shiva, Part of SnowIndianBoy 6
Himalay Mountain Range, Abode of SnowSanskritBoy 6
Himambu Water of Snow, Cold Water, DewIndianBoy 4
Himani Parvati, SnowIndianBoy 9
Himanjay Winner of Snow LandIndianBoy 9
Himansh Cool part, Part of SnowIndianBoy 9
Himanta End of Winter, Cold, Snow, IceAssameseBoy 3
Himarati Enemy of Snow, FireIndianBoy 7
Himasaila Snow Mountain, The HimalayasIndianBoy 1
Himavan Cold, Having Snow, Snow-cappedIndianBoy 5
Himdhar Snow LandIndianBoy 7
Himesh The Snow KingGujaratiBoy 8
Himmanshoo Moon, Ice, Snow, Part of Lord ShivaIndianBoy 7
Himshwet As White as SnowIndianBoy 6
Himu SnowIndianBoy 6
Hod Blind god of darkness and winterNorseBoy 9
Hors God of the winter sunSlavicBoy 6
Iglopuk Large snow houseInuitBoy 1
Kanguq Snow gooseInuitBoy 8
Kari Covered with snowTurkishBoy 3
Kashmir A Pleasant and a Cold Place Full of SnowIndianBoy 7
Khetwani WinterIndianBoy 1
Lixue Pretty snowChineseBoy 8
Mangokpok Watey SnowInuitBoy 4
Manju Beautiful, Pleasant, SnowSanskritBoy 5
Manjuprasanna SnowIndianBoy 8
Massak Soft SnowInuitBoy 1
Massalerauvok Snow filled with waterInuitBoy 5
Mauja Soft deep snowInuitBoy 1
Nas SnowNative AmericanBoy 7
Nevada Covered in SnowSpanishBoy 2
Nirlip Snow gooseInuitBoy 6
Nix SnowLatinBoy 2
Prasit First ray the winter sunIndianBoy 2
Pukajaak Sugar-like snowInuitBoy 9
Pukak Snow crustInuitBoy 6
Qaniit Falling snowInuitBoy 7
Ramees WinterIndianBoy 7
Sesi SnowInuitBoy 7
Shiahir WinterBengaliBoy 9
Shirshirchandra Winter moonIndianBoy 4
Shisheer WinterIndianBoy 1
Shuhayb Dimunitive of snow covered mount peakMuslimBoy 3
Sisir WinterIndianBoy 2
Tuhin SnowIndianBoy 9
Tuhina Snowstorm, Cold, Snow FallsIndianBoy 1
Tuhinsurra Snow WhiteArabicBoy 5
Tushar SnowIndianBoy 6
Tushara Snow, Dew WaterIndianBoy 7
Tushare Of the SnowIndianBoy 2
Tusharsuvra White as snowIndianBoy 6
Tusher SnowIndianBoy 1
Ukiuk WinterInuitBoy 1
Warrin The cold monthsEnglishBoy 2
Wen Born in the WinterGypsyBoy 6
Wentworth Estate of the white-haired one, or a winter estateOld EnglishBoy 2
Winter Winter, Born in the winterEnglishBoy 8
Wynter Born in the WinterEnglishBoy 6
Yamunath Lord of Snowy WaterIndianBoy 4
Yas Child of the Snow, SnowPersianBoy 9
Yasraj King of Fame, SnowIndianBoy 2
Yepa Snow AmericanBoy 2
Yuki Happiness, SnowJapaneseBoy 3
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