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Top 50 Baby Boy Names That Mean Yellow Color


Are you looking for a unique Yellow color inspired baby Boy name for your newborn Baby? To help you in searching for Yellow theme names, we have created an extensive list of the Top 50 baby Boy names that mean Yellow color or are related to Yellow.

In this article, you will get to know Yellow baby boy names, which you may consider for your newborn baby boy (Boy Names Meaning Yellow color). All baby boy names that mean Yellow or are related to Yellow are collected from different origins in the world and arranged with their meaning, origin, and numerology.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Arun Rich Hues Of Yellow And GoldSanskritBoy 9
Auburn Rich Yellowy-Brown ColorFrenchBoy 5
Blaine Thin, Slender, Lean, Lean or Thin, Little Yellow OneChristianBoy 7
Bowen Son of Owen, Archer, Yellow-hairedIndianBoy 5
Bowie Yellow HairedCelticBoy 9
Camber A Yellow-Red StoneEnglishBoy 6
Colombo YellowItalianBoy 3
Flvio Yellow hairPortugueseBoy 1
Gilford A Shrub With Yellow FlowersOld EnglishBoy 8
Gomed White Or Pale YellowIndianBoy 8
Gomedak White Or Pale YellowIndianBoy 2
Gouranga One who is Fair, Golden Limbed, Having a White or Yellowish Body, Cow Coloured, Fair ComplexionedAssameseBoy 3
Guilford Ford With Yellow FiowersIndianBoy 2
Haree Almighty, Tawny, Yellowish-brownIndianBoy 1
Hari YellowSanskritBoy 9
Harichandana The Sandal Of Hair, Yellow MoonlightIndianBoy 1
Haridra Yellow, Turneric, One who is Golden ColouredTamilBoy 5
Harikesa With Yellow Hair, Lord Vishnu, SivaIndianBoy 9
Haritaka Yellow GreenIndianBoy 6
Haryaksa Yellow Eyed, LionIndianBoy 3
He Yellow RivverChineseBoy 4
Heman Golden Yellow, Lord Shiva, Made of GoldTeluguBoy 5
Hesutu Yellow Jacket Nest Rising Out Of The Ground MiwokNative AmericanBoy 4
Huang YellowChineseBoy 6
Jafri Yellow FlowerArabicBoy 8
Juane YellowSpanishBoy 6
Kanchanak Golden, Yellow OrpimentSanskritBoy 1
Ki YellowJapaneseBoy 2
Lall Red Colour, YellowIndianBoy 1
Mamo Yellow flowerHawaiianBoy 6
Napoleon YellowGreekBoy 2
Ocumwhowurst Yellow WolfCheyenneBoy 1
Ocunnowhurst Yellow WolfNative AmericanBoy 2
Pandura Pale, Yellow-white, An Attendant of SkandaIndianBoy 3
Peetambar Yellow RobedIndianBoy 9
Peetamber Yellow Skill ClothIndianBoy 4
Sikyahonaw Yellow bearNative AmericanBoy 9
Sikyatavo Yellow RabbitNative AmericanBoy 6
Sunny Sunshine YellowEnglishBoy 3
Tullik Yellow billed loonInuitBoy 4
Xanthos YellowOld GreekBoy 2
Xanthus Blonde, YellowGreekBoy 8
Zarathushtra Possessing yellow camelsParsiBoy 8
Zard YellowParsiBoy 4
Zartosht Possessing yellow camelsParsiBoy 1


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