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Top 300 Baby Girl Names That Mean Night


Are you looking for a unique name for your newborn baby Girl inspired by "Night"? We have compiled a comprehensive list of the most popular Night names to help you search for lovely names inspired by the different times of the Day.

In this article, you will get to know the Night or Midnight or Dark-Night girl's name, which you may consider for your newborn baby girl (Girl Names Meaning Night). From our most recent list of the top 300 best Girl Names inspired by "Night", pick one that stands out.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Aamaya Night RainIndianGirl 6
Aamiya NightIndianGirl 5
Aamya Soft, Night RainSanskritGirl 5
Abital My father is the dew of nightHebrewGirl 9
Ajradah Al-Ameeh, a great worshipper who worshipped long in the night sometimes right up to dawnMuslimGirl 7
Aktha NightTamilGirl 5
Alana Sly an a fox in the nightHawaiianGirl 2
Alsoleilah The one who is born in night and a dark-haired beauty providing satisfactionArabicGirl 4
Amaiah Night rain, cheerful, responsible, satisfied and affectionateEnglishGirl 6
Amanra Headstrong, Leader, Night Rain, WildIndianGirl 3
Amaya Night RainJapaneseGirl 5
Amiyah Beautiful night rainEnglishGirl 3
Amya Hebrew - People of God, Japanese - Night RainAfricanGirl 4
Anadil A sweet bird called NightingaleArabicGirl 5
Anama A sweet singing bird called NightingaleArabicGirl 3
Andalee A sweet singing bird, NightingaleArabicGirl 6
Andalib A sweet singing bird called NightingaleArabicGirl 7
Anissa Gracious, Merciful, PureArabicGirl 9
Anjami The glorious one who is bright and nightlessIndianGirl 3
Ankareeda Night Star, Graceful, ShiningIndianGirl 6
Anneis The glorious one who is bright and nightlessEnglishGirl 8
Annekatrin The glorious one who is bright and nightlessGermanGirl 8
Anuata Shadow woman of the nightTahitianGirl 4
Anuranjita Starry night, delighted and happyIndianGirl 1
Any The radiant one who is bright and nightlessEnglishGirl 4
Anya Nightless, the one who is bright and shiningRussianGirl 5
Ashi Evening, Night, Reward, SmileIndianGirl 1
Ashii Blessing, Night, Evening, HopeJapaneseGirl 1
Asiknee Dark, Black, The nightIndianGirl 1
Asra Travel by nightMuslimGirl 3
Athira A Full Moon Night, A StarMalayalamGirl 3
Atiena Guardian of the nightSwahiliGirl 5
Atieno Born at nightLuoGirl 1
Awa Beautiful angel, nightMuslimGirl 7
Ayaneh Like a long nightArabicGirl 9
Azlin A night vision or a dreamMuslimGirl 8
Balbala Pashto term for bulbul or nightingaleUrduGirl 4
Belma Night of Full MoonArabicGirl 6
Bibhabori A Raag, NightBengaliGirl 3
Chaitri Full moon night according to Hindu calenderIndianGirl 5
Chandrakanta Beloved of the Moon, MoonstoneIndianGirl 6
Chandrima Moonlight NightIndianGirl 8
Chausiku Born at nightSwahiliGirl 3
Cicada Loud Insect of the NightGreekGirl 3
Cricket Resembling a chirping insect of the nightEnglishGirl 6
Cui A Prince, advent of nightChineseGirl 6
Delilah NightHebrewGirl 6
Demisha Day NightEnglishGirl 5
Devrajni Divine Night or QueenIndianGirl 2
Devranjni Divine Night or QueenTeluguGirl 7
Dhami NightIndianGirl 8
Dinammanya A full-moon nightSanskritGirl 5
Dipanwita Light, Night of DiwaliBengaliGirl 7
Dixita Expert, Splendour, NightIndianGirl 4
Dusk The time when the sky gets dark at nightAmericanGirl 1
Eeva Star of the nightTahitianGirl 6
Fhazaar One who is like a nightingaleArabicGirl 7
Ghufayrah A very pious woman who kept vigil in the nightArabicGirl 5
Hanisa Beautiful NightMuslimGirl 7
Hanisha Beautiful Night, SweetestIndianGirl 6
Hanlowa Night songGreekGirl 2
Harneesha Remove the Night - Spread the LightSikhGirl 7
Harnisha Remove the Night - Spread the Light, Lord of Shiva, Har - Shiva, Nisha - Night - ShivratraSanskritGirl 6
Hemanshi Golden Night, Goddess SaraswatiHemanshiGirl 5
Ilta NightFinnishGirl 6
Indeela Like a nightingaleArabicGirl 5
Indukanta Wife of Moon, NightIndianGirl 5
Isha Night prayerMuslimGirl 1
Isra Freedom, Nocturnal, Night JourneyArabicGirl 2
Israh Night TravelArabicGirl 1
Isrra Free, Night JourneyArabicGirl 2
Itina Guardian of the NightIndianGirl 8
Jaamini NightSanskritGirl 3
Jamini NightEnglishGirl 2
Janakidevi NightIndianGirl 5
Jemisha Queen of NightIndianGirl 2
Juhainah Juhainah means Darkness at the end of the NightMuslimGirl 9
Kajavi Glowing in the NightIndianGirl 9
Kalapi Peacock, NightingaleIndianGirl 5
Kalapini Peacock, NightIndianGirl 1
Kalpini NightIndianGirl 9
Kanjika The meaninig of the name is Sour Rice Water that Stands over NightIndianGirl 3
Kishi NightNative AmericanGirl 2
Kishil the name means NightAmericanGirl 5
Kitkun Kitkun Bird of the NightAmericanGirl 5
Kokila Cuckoo, NightingaleIndianGirl 5
Kokilarani Cuckoo, NightingaleTamilGirl 2
Koko NightJapaneseGirl 7
Kshapesh The Moon, Lord of the NightIndianGirl 6
Kshipa NightIndianGirl 1
Kuchasthala The name means A city where Krishna stayed the night on his way to the court of DhritarashtraIndianGirl 6
Kunisha Kunisha means means the bird NightingaleIndianGirl 2
Kunjal Cuckoo, NightingaleIndianGirl 6
Kunjali NightingaleIndianGirl 6
Laela Dark beauty, nightArabicGirl 4
Laia Dark beauty, nightArabicGirl 5
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