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Unique Baby Girl Names That Mean Pigeon


Are you looking for a unique Pigeon-inspired baby Girl name for your newborn Baby? To help you in searching for Pigeon names, we have created an extensive list of the Top baby Girl names that mean Pigeon or are related to Pigeon Bird.

In this article, you will get to know Pigeon baby girl names, which you may consider for your newborn baby girl (Girl Names Meaning Pigeon). All baby girl names that mean Pigeon are arranged with their meaning, origin, and numerology.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Aloma Pigeon, White DoveLatinGirl 6
Colmana Austria, Little Pigeon, Saint, Follower of NicholasCelticGirl 5
Dove Wood pigeonEnglishGirl 1
Hadeal Bird, Cooing of a PigeonArabicGirl 4
Hadeel Voice of a Dove, BirdArabicGirl 8
Hadeil Voice of a Dove, BirdArabicGirl 3
Hadel Cooing of a PigeonGermanGirl 3
Hadiel Bird, Cooing of a PigeonArabicGirl 3
Hadil Cooing, Voice of a DoveArabicGirl 7
Hamama PigeonArabicGirl 1
Komri Wood PigeonArabicGirl 3
Loma Pigeon, White DoveAfricanGirl 5
Milvia Milvus, Pigeon HawkLatinGirl 3
Palloma White Dove, PigeonLatinGirl 7
Paloma Pigeon, White DoveSpanishGirl 4
Palomar Pigeon, White DoveLatinGirl 4
Palomeana White Dove, PigeonLatinGirl 6
Paluma White Dove, PigeonLatinGirl 1
Takshii Eyes Like a PigeonIndianGirl 5
Warqa Leaf, To do with Paper, PigeonArabicGirl 6
Yamama Wild Pigeon, DoveArabicGirl 9
Zaghlula Young PigeonArabicGirl 7


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