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Top 100 Baby Girl Names That Mean Winter Season


Are you looking for a beautiful name for your newborn baby Girl that is inspired by Winter Season? We have compiled a comprehensive list of the most beautiful Winter weather names to help you in searching for lovely names that will fill your heart with calmness, self-reflection, transition, and resilience.

In this article, you will get to know beautiful Winter weather girl names, which you may consider for your newborn baby girl born in Winter (Girl Names Meaning Winter Season). From our most recent list of the top 100 best Girl Names inspired by the Winter season, pick one that stands out.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Akkilokipok Soft snowInuitGirl 4
Anyu SnowInuitGirl 7
Aput SnowInuitGirl 4
Aputi Snow on the groudInuitGirl 4
Aqillutaq Fresh snowInuitGirl 2
Arthan Winter or possibly winter bearWelshGirl 8
Badri Full Moon, Rain that Falls before Winter, Fullness of the MoonArabicGirl 7
Blanca SnowSpanishGirl 6
Blanche WinterFrenchGirl 9
Bora SnowAlbanianGirl 9
Cherith Winter StreamHebrewGirl 8
Chione Rebellious snow nymphGreekGirl 9
Dong East, WinterChineseGirl 4
Dongmei Winter plumChineseGirl 4
Edurne SnowBasqueGirl 4
Eira SnowWelshGirl 6
Eirween White snowWelshGirl 7
Eirwen Blessed SnowWelshGirl 2
Flykra SnowflakeGermanGirl 1
Frostine SnowFrenchGirl 7
Gwyneira Blessed SnowWelshGirl 3
Haima Snow, Winter, Gold, SingerMuslimGirl 5
Haimani Winter, Cold, Golden, Relating to winterIndianGirl 1
Haimanti Early Winter, Snow, ColdIndianGirl 3
Haimantika Growing in WinterSanskritGirl 6
Haimini Golden, Winter, ColdIndianGirl 9
Hau kea SnowHawaiianGirl 2
Haukea SnowHawaiianGirl 2
Haunani Beautiful SnowHawaiianGirl 5
Hemanta WinterSanskritGirl 8
Hemantee WinterIndianGirl 8
Hemanthini Early WinterIndianGirl 2
Hemanti Early Winter, Born in the Hemant SeasonIndianGirl 7
Hemantie Born during the Early WinterSanskritGirl 3
Hemantika Princess, Patience, Doll, Winter SeasonIndianGirl 1
Hemanty Born during the Early WinterSanskritGirl 5
Hemapriya Early Winter, With Golden BodyIndianGirl 6
Hemshika Mountain of SnowIndianGirl 2
Hey WinterInuitGirl 2
Himatha Always Smiling, Fog, SnowIndianGirl 6
Himavaddi Place full of snowPailGirl 8
Himendri Snow, Winter, Ice, Goddess ParvatiIndianGirl 8
Himma Snow, Winter, IceGujaratiGirl 8
Himsi Like SnowIndianGirl 4
Icyln IceEnglishGirl 9
Iglopuk Large snow houseInuitGirl 1
Ivy WinterEnglishGirl 2
Jital WinterIndianGirl 7
Kanguq Snow gooseInuitGirl 8
Karli Covered With SnowTurkishGirl 6
Khione Rebellious snow nymphGreekGirl 8
Koyuki Little SnowJapaneseGirl 2
Kukiko Child of the snowJapaneseGirl 6
Lixue Pretty SnowChineseGirl 8
Lumi SnowFinnishGirl 1
Malvina Smooth SnowGaelicGirl 9
Mangokpok Watey SnowInuitGirl 4
Marzanna Death and WinterSlavicGirl 7
Massalerauvok Snow filled with waterInuitGirl 5
Mauja Soft deep snowInuitGirl 1
Miyuki Beautiful SnowJapaneseGirl 7
Neva SnowSpanishGirl 6
Nevada Covered in SnowSpanishGirl 2
Neve Bright Or SnowyIrishGirl 1
Nieves SnowSpanishGirl 2
Nirlip Snow gooseInuitGirl 6
Nivia SnowLatinGirl 1
Nix SnowLatinGirl 2
Pukajaak Sugar-like snowInuitGirl 9
Pukak Snow crustInuitGirl 6
Qaniit Falling snowInuitGirl 7
Sesi SnowInuitGirl 7
Shishira A Delicate Flower, Winter, MoonIndianGirl 1
Sisira Cool, Winter, AdorableIndianGirl 3
Skadi A frost giant and goddess of winter associated with bowhunting, Skiing and mauntainsNorseGirl 8
Soyala Winter SolsticeAmericanGirl 1
Suhima Very cold, Beautiful winterSanskritGirl 8
Taqqiq Snow on iceInuitGirl 9
Thushara SnowIndianGirl 6
Tuhina SnowIndianGirl 1
Tuliln Snow moonlightIndianGirl 7
Tusharkana A particle of snowIndianGirl 6
Tushnimsila Snow ParticlesIndianGirl 1
Tuyet SnowVietnameseGirl 1
Ukiuk WinterInuitGirl 1
Wauna Singing Snow GooseAmericanGirl 6
Winter Winter or Born in the winterEnglishGirl 8
Wynter WinterEnglishGirl 6
Xue SnowChineseGirl 5
Xuefang Fragrant SnowChineseGirl 6
Yas Child of the Snow, SnowPersianGirl 9
Yepa Winter PrincessAmericanGirl 2
Yuki Happiness, SnowJapaneseGirl 3
Yuki-Onna The Snoe Queen or Goddess of WinterJapaneseGirl 2
Yukie Snow Blessing, Shining Snow, Sparkling snowJapaneseGirl 8
Yukiko Happy Child or Snow ChildJapaneseGirl 2
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