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Meaning of INDRASHIS


Meaning Blessing from indra king of gods
Gender Boy
Numerology 2
Origin Bengali
Country INDIA
Category Bengali

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INDRASHIS Name Popularity

Similar Names To indrashis:-
Name Meaning Gender Numerology Origin Country Category
Ashis Benediction Boy 2 Hindu India Hindu
Debashis Benediction of God,Pleasedby gods Boy 4 Hindu India Hindu
Jyothis Lightof theSun, Astrologer,Luminousorbrightor glowing Boy 7 Hindu India Hindu
Kashis An Attraction Girl Punjabi India Punjabi
Aashis Blessings Boy Punjabi India Punjabi
Ashis Benediction Girl Punjabi India Punjabi
Shubhashis blessing Boy 6 SANSKRIT India SANSKRIT
Rochis Light, Lustre, Brightness Boy SANSKRIT India SANSKRIT
Barhis That which is Plucked Up Boy SANSKRIT India SANSKRIT
Devashis Blessings of God Boy Assamese India Assamese
Shibashis Blessing of Lord Shiva Boy Assamese India Assamese
Ashis Blessing Boy 2 Bengali Bangladesh Bengali
Debashis Benediction of god Boy 4 Bengali Bangladesh Bengali
Indrashis Blessing from indra king of gods Boy 2 Bengali Bangladesh Bengali
Genghis just, righteous true Boy 6 Chinese China Chinese
Debashis Benediction of God Boy Kannada India Kannada
Shubhashis Blessing Boy Kannada India Kannada
Ashis Blessings Benediction Boy Kannada India Kannada
Shvetarchis White Rayed Moon Boy Marathi India Marathi
Aashis Blessings Boy Marathi India Marathi
Devashis Blessings of God Boy Marathi India Marathi
Gurbakhshis One who has gurus blessing Boy 6 Sikh India Sikh
Shubhashis blessing Boy 6 TAMIL INDIA TAMIL
Shubhashis blessing Boy 6 TELUGU INDIA TELUGU