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Check out the detailed information about name Sarah. In this page we have broadly discussed about the name Sarah. Browse Sarah Name's meaning, Origin, Numerology details. Here you will find complete deliberation about the name Sarah like, Personality, Love, Family, Career & Job. Especially our astrologer has given an enlightened guidance to live a pleasant life to the people bearing this name Sarah.

Sarah Name Detail Analysis

  • Sarah is a Boy name.
  • Sarah name meaning is Royal Child, The Arrow, Royal Child; The Arrow.

Sarah Name Meaning in Different Origins

  • Sarah meaning in SANSKRIT Origin is Royal Child; The Arrow

Numerology details of name Sarah

S 1
A 1
R 9
A 1
H 8

Numerology of the Name Sarah is 2
The number TWO corresponds to a considerate nature.

Based on numerology value 2, Sarah is Tactful, Sensitive, Influential, Cooperative, Inclusive, Intuitive, Supportive, Empathetic, Protective, Good Listener.

Sarah is a team player with lots of patience. He knows how to work with others, and can often resolve conflicts. Sarah can usually see both sides of the issue, and great at solving problems.

Sarah is very emotional by nature, and therefore he often try to suppress or hold back his thoughts and do not let them flow outside.

Sarah : Personality, Love & Family

Sarah is creative, talented and a skilful person who is hardworking and dedicated towards his goals in life. Sarah also exhibit empathy and love towards his near and dear ones. Sarah has a greater understanding of life, love, and relationships along with being determined and committed towards his goals which helps Sarah make the correct decisions in life.

Sarah is so emotional and sympathetic, also a dedicated lover who values love and care which helps Sarah connect well with his partner.

Sarah : Career & Job

Sarah is sincere and honest and these qualities may help him succeed and rise to high positions in any profession. Sarah has analytical mind, can develop good communication skills and can thus become lawyer and orator. Sarah possess an artistic mind and can excel in all fields related to fine arts like music, dance, drama and also writing.

Tips for Sarah

Sarah is a dreamer and thus tend to be a bit naive.
Sarah often set himself impossible targets and get frustrated and depressed when you can't achieve those goals.

You are flexible and love challenges but tend to be impulsive. You are ingenious and witty. You have a multifaceted personality but you need to be more focused to succeed.

You should have an even approach towards issues you feel strongly about. You must control your anger and learn to be more compassionate and understanding. You must look at the larger picture and respect the other person's point of view.

  • Lucky Color of Sarah - Green, White
  • Lucky Number of Sarah - 2, 4, 6, 2, 9
  • Romance Number of Sarah - 1, 4, 6, 7
  • Lucky Day of Sarah - Monday, Tuesday & Friday
  • Ruling Planet of Sarah - Moon
  • Luck Gemstone of Sarah - Pearls, Moonstones
  • Benefits of the Gemstone Pearls, Moonstones - calm the nerves and bestow long life and good luck upon the wearer.

Characteristic of Sarah

  • Number 2 plays a supportive role in their life. They are sentimental, lazy, and can easily get depressed.
  • The 2 is the most gentle of all numbers, representing cooperation, diplomacy and friendly.
  • It is very feminine, queen-like and subtle.
  • It loves music and harmony in any form.
  • The moon gives them a love for aromas and fragrances. They have refined nature with good aesthetic sensibilities.
  • Tactful - Sarah is appropriate and sensitive, never rude or careless. Says the right thing at the right time.
  • Sensitive - Sarah is a person who easily get hurt emotionally.
  • Influential - Sarah move through life with purpose, conscious of their actions and of how others may perceive them.
  • Cooperative - Sarah is an easy-going person who loves to work with others nicely.
  • Inclusive - Sarah is open to everyone. (not limited to certain people)
  • Intuitive - Sarah is a usual person who live in the future and are immersed in the world of possibilities.
  • Supportive - Sarah tend to be calm, patient and respectful in their interactions with others.
  • Empathetic - Sarah has the ability to understand the experiences and feelings of others.
  • Protective - Sarah look after and show a strong desire to keep their loved one safe.
  • Good Listener -

Analysis of the Name "Sarah"

In every name, each letters have specific meanings that describe the nature of the name. Below in table, each letter of name Sarah described.

S You are ambitious, charismatic, tolerant and independent person.
A You are flexible enough to take other people's opinions into consideration.
R You are realistic, tolerant, efficient, self-determined and compassionate person.
A You are an Independent, Confident, Courageous & Ambitious person.
H You are very practical, always take methodical steps to solve problems in life.


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