Bhubaneswar among the top 20 list of Best performing Smart Cities Globally

Biranchi Narayan

Ancoax Technologies

13-Mar-2018 Share


Chip giant Intel Corp. and the firm Juniper Research have evaluate global cities on various “Smart City” initiatives.


The study looks at 20 cities around the world across four key innovation areas: Mobility, health care, public safety, and productivity. It measures the benefits of these technologies -- such as improved public health and safer streets -- in terms of the time it can save citizens.


Juniper found from the study that smart cities have the potential to save individuals about 125 hours per year.




As per the Global Smart City Performance Index 2017 released on Monday, Bhubaneswar has been ranked 13 so far as‘Safety’ is concerned and has been ranked 20 in terms of ‘Mobility’, ‘Health’ and ‘Productivity’.


Singapore has topped the index in all four areas. San Francisco and London were placed on the second and third position respectively as per ‘Mobility’ is concerned.



Mr. Windsor Holden Juniper Research's head of forecasting and consultancy said: "We can't overlook the importance of the real human benefits that smart cities have. Connected communities, municipal services and processes have a powerful impact on a citizen's quality of life."

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