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Check out the detailed information about name Farida. In this page we have broadly discussed about the name Farida. Browse Farida Name's meaning, Origin, Numerology details. Here you will find complete deliberation about the name Farida like, Personality, Love, Family, Career & Job. Especially our astrologer has given an enlightened guidance to live a pleasant life to the people bearing this name Farida.

Farida Name Detail Analysis

  • Farida is a Girl name.
  • Farida name meaning is unique, Unique, Matchless, Turquoise, Unique, Love, Proud, , single ?, TBD, Unique, Matchless., Valuable, unique and incomparable, Turquoise; Love; Unique, Precious Pearl, Unique, Unique, Alone.

Farida Name Meaning in Different Origins

  • Farida meaning in Arabic Origin is unique
  • Farida meaning in Bengali Origin is Turquoise, Unique, Love, Proud
  • Farida meaning in France Origin is Turquoise, Unique, Love, Proud
  • Farida meaning in Iranian Origin is
  • Farida meaning in Kannada Origin is Turquoise, Unique, Love, Proud
  • Farida meaning in Moroccan Origin is TBD
  • Farida meaning in Marathi Origin is Turquoise, Unique, Love, Proud
  • Farida meaning in MUSLIM Origin is Unique, Matchless.
  • Farida meaning in Paraguay Origin is Valuable, unique and incomparable
  • Farida meaning in Tanzanian Origin is Valuable, unique and incomparable
  • Farida meaning in Christian Origin is Turquoise, Unique, Love, Proud
  • Farida meaning in Indian Origin is Turquoise; Love; Unique
  • Farida meaning in Muslim Origin is Precious Pearl
  • Farida meaning in Muslim Origin is Unique
  • Farida meaning in Arabic Origin is Unique
  • Farida meaning in Quranic Origin is Unique, Alone
  • Farida meaning in Arabic Origin is Unique, Matchless

Numerology details of name Farida

F 6
A 1
R 9
I 9
D 4
A 1

Numerology of the Name Farida is 3
The number THREE tend to be more social.

Based on numerology value 3, Farida is Artistic, Communicative, Curious, Jovial, Scattered, Social, Optimistic, Naive, Youthful.

With her sparkling wit and social skills, Farida is meant to be the life of the party. Farida is very creative, polish almost any profession into an art. Farida get energy from the people and the world around her.

Farida has a very appealing personality with a lot of positivity as well which helps her bond with people in no time.

Farida is a live wire, always in control of a situation. Farida is original and resourceful and concerned with her appearance and follow her own style.

Farida is witty and creative, has a positive frame of mind and is very inspiring and bighearted.

Farida : Personality, Love & Family

Farida is simple, honest, sincere, big-hearted, gentle, dignified and committed to her work. Farida is also traditionalists who respect elders and value self-esteem more than anything else.

Farida may generally get attracted to the people belonging to their numerology 1, 3, 6 and 9, and a marital relationship with them will be quite compatible and enjoyable.

Farida : Career & Job

Farida is very creative and able to express herself in a variety of different ways. Therefore, Farida can either be musicians, writers, actors, poets or storytellers.

All professions that requires effective persuasion skills will suit Farida well. Farida can be professor, scientist, researcher, teacher, counselor and even successful salesmen.

Tips for Farida

Farida has an introspective and investigative bent of mind.
Use discretion and tact to solve problems and your efforts will be rewarded. Swim with the tide; don't let depression get the better of you. You are very emotional; try to be more objective.

  • Lucky Color of Farida - Yellow, Purple
  • Lucky Number of Farida - 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
  • Romance Number of Farida - 1, 3, 5, 6, 9
  • Lucky Day of Farida - Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
  • Ruling Planet of Farida - Jupiter
  • Luck Gemstone of Farida - Light Blue Sapphire
  • Benefits of the Gemstone Light Blue Sapphire - This gem is noted for conferring wealth, success, beauty, knowledge and good fortune to it's wearer.

Characteristic of Farida

  • Number 3 is the most imaginative of all numbers and is reflected in its open and inviting shape, ready to embrace anyone in this world.
  • They are hardworking and keep themselves busy with something or other all the time.
  • They do not like to be subordinated, nor do they like minor jobs.
  • They are Ethical, Philosophical & Generous.
  • Artistic - Farida is always connected with art, These personality uses their hands and mind to create new things.
  • Communicative - Farida has the most valuable quality to exchange thoughts and ideas with other.
  • Curious - Farida has the desire to acquire knowledge and skill.
  • Jovial - Farida has good humor a hearty and playful personality.
  • Scattered - Farida is is forgetful, disorganized, or unable to concentrate or think clearly.
  • Social - Farida is a dedicated leader, humanistic, responsible and supportive person.
  • Optimistic - Farida is confident about his future goal-setting for success.
  • Naive - Farida is so innocent, always ready to believe or trust other people
  • Youthful - Farida keeps a fresh world view, being open to new things, looking for the fun parts of life.

Analysis of the Name "Farida"

In every name, each letters have specific meanings that describe the nature of the name. Below in table, each letter of name Farida described.

F You are family oriented, Compassionate, Responsible and having a harmonious life.
A You are flexible enough to take other people's opinions into consideration.
R You are realistic, tolerant, efficient, self-determined and compassionate person.
I You are very compassionate and ruled by emotions.
D You always want security and find methodical way to solve your problems.
A You are an Independent, Confident, Courageous & Ambitious person.


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