12 Health Benefits of Eating (Mung Beans) Sprouted

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1 cup of sprouted mung beans contain 31 calories. 

Mung beans are a high source of nutrients including: manganese, potassium, magnesium, folate, copper, zinc and vitamin B.

» 100 grams of dry seeds contain 347 calories. 

» Mung Beans helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels and protect against heart diseases.

» Mung Beans has the ability to lower the risk of high blood pressure.

» It contains antioxidants that fight against cancer development in human body.

» Fights obesity and helps with weight loss.

» Can help prevent or treat type 2 diabetes.

» Mung Beans are rich in both copper and iron (take part in the production of blood cells in the human body).



Sprouted Mung for Skin Treatments

Indeed, you will never know that sprouted mung is beneficial for your skin until you read this.

Mung bean sprouts are low in calories, have fiber and B vitamins, and deliver a boost of vitamins C and K. 

Here are 12 health benefits of mung beans to boost your skin health.

1.   Promotes Skin Glows

2.   Hydrates the Skin

3.   Promotes Cells Regeneration 

4.   Prevents Skin Cancer 

5.   Cleans Acne 

6.   Skin Detox 

7.   Prevents Anti Aging 

Sprouted Mung for Hair Treatments

Here are the health benefits of eating sprouted mung to promote hair health.

8.     Promotes Long Hair 

9.     Anti-Dandruff 

10.   Thick Hair 

11.   Elastic Hair

12.   Healthy Young Hair 


Mung beans are high in folate, iron and protein, all of which women need more of during pregnancy. Avoid raw mung bean sprouts when you’re pregnant, as they may contain harmful bacteria. 

Mung beans are a good source of antioxidants, which may reduce your risk of chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers. However, more human-based research is needed before making health recommendations. 

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