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Lord Buddha Names

Name Meaning Gander Numerology
Akkrum Lord BuddhaBoy3
Amitav Limitless luster, Name of Lord BuddhaBoy3
Anami A name of Lord BuddhaBoy2
Buddha Awakened, Lord BuddhaBoy4
Buddhadeva Gautama BuddhaBoy9
Chhandak The charioteer of Lord BuddhaBoy5
Devarajalu King of the gods, BuddhaBoy5
Gaousik Lord BuddhaBoy2
Gautam Lord Buddha SageRishi who cursed her wife Ahalya to be a stone for her immoral conductBoy9
Gautham Lord Buddha Celebrity Name Namrata Shirodkar and Mahesh BabuBoy8
Gotam Lord Buddha, One who enlightensBoy2
Gowtham Lord BuddhaBoy6
Hemnath Gold or Lord Buddha, Early winter 1Boy6
Khajit Lord BuddhaBoy5
Lokpradeep Gautam BuddhaBoy4
Munish With God, Lord Buddha, Chief of armyBoy3
Padmayani Lord Brahma, BuddhaBoy3
Prabudha Awakened, Lord BuddhaBoy8
Buddha Priya One liked by BuddhaBoy1
Sakyasinha Lord BuddhaBoy9
Saugata Other name of Gautama BuddhaBoy7
Shakyasinha Lord BuddhaBoy8
Siddartha Lord BuddhaBoy3
Siddhartha One who has accomplished goal,Successful, A name of Lord Buddha, Achieved all wishesBoy2
Sugata A name of the BuddhaBoy6
Sugatanand Lord BuddhaBoy3
Tathagat The Buddha, Title of the BuddhaBoy6
Tathagata The Buddha, Title of the BuddhaBoy7
Tatharaj Lord BuddhaBoy7
Trigya Lord BuddhaBoy8
Trigyesh Lord Buddha, Trigya with Esh as IshwarBoy3
Trikay Lord BuddhaBoy3
Vipaschit Lord BuddhaBoy8
Yog Lord BuddhaBoy2