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Lord Indra Names

Name Meaning Gander Numerology
Amresh Lord IndraBoy1
Amrish Lord IndraBoy5
Avasyu Lord IndraBoy8
Dattey Lord IndraBoy3
Devesh God of godsBoy9
Devraj King among gods, Name of IndraBoy6
Ghanendra Lord of clouds Lord IndraBoy9
Indrakanta Lord IndraBoy3
Indrarjun Bright and brave IndraBoy1
Inder Kant Indra devtaBoy6
Mahendra The great God Indra the God of the Sky, Lord Indra, Lord of the SkyBoy1
Purandar Lord IndraBoy3
Rishvanjas Lord IndraBoy4
Sachin Lord IndraBoy9
Sachish Lord IndraBoy4
Samaj Lord IndraBoy8
Satamanyu Lord IndraBoy7
Satpati Lord IndraBoy5
Shachin Lord IndraBoy8
Shivendra Lord Shiva and Lord IndraBoy1
Shuna Lord IndraBoy9
Shvetavah Lord IndraBoy7
Sunashi Lord IndraBoy1
Sunasi Lord IndraBoy2
Suradhish Lord IndraBoy8
Suradip Lord IndraBoy7
Surdeep Lamp of musicBoy7
Suren Lord IndraBoy5
Surendra Lord IndraBoy1
Suresh The SunBoy9
Surnath Lord Indra, Lord of Suras, Lord Surya SunBoy2
Svaraj Lord IndraBoy8
Tuvidyumna Lord IndraBoy6
Tuvijat Lord IndraBoy4
Ulmuk Lord IndraBoy6
Vajendra Lord IndraBoy3
Vajradhar Lord IndraBoy2
Vajrajit Lord IndraBoy1
Vajrapani Lord IndraBoy2
Vajrin Lord IndraBoy2
Vasav An epithet of IndraBoy2
Vasava IndraBoy3
Vidojas Lord IndraBoy8
Vimridh Lord IndraBoy2
Virikvas Lord IndraBoy3
Yatindra Sanyasi, Lord IndraBoy2