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Top 275 Trending Buddhist Baby Girl Names for 2020

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Buddhism is the religion with over 520 million followers, or over 7% of the global population. Buddhism enclose a variety of traditions, beliefs and spirituality based on the teaching of Lord Buddha. Here in this article we've tried to present Top 275 Most Popular Buddhist Baby Girl Names for 2020. Pick a trending Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Myanmar, Sinhalese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, South Korean, Indian, Malay Buddhist Baby Boy Name from the following collection of Buddhist Names which are loaded with Meaning, Origin & Numerology.

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Name Meaning Gender Numerology
Achara An angel who is very pretty or beautifulGirlTBD
Altansarnai Golden roseGirlTBD
Altantsetseg Golden flowerGirlTBD
Amanthi Peace protectorGirlTBD
Angkasa The skyGirlTBD
Anong A gorgeous womanGirlTBD
Bayarmaa Mother of joyGirlTBD
Bodhi AwakensGirlTBD
Bolormaa Crystal motherGirlTBD
Boonsri BeautifulGirlTBD
Busarakham Yellow sapphireGirlTBD
Cahya One who is the light in darknessGirlTBD
Caihong A rainbow in the skyGirlTBD
Cais A person who rejoicesGirlTBD
Cao A Chinesee surnameGirlTBD
Chenda Thought, intellectGirlTBD
Chesa GreatnessGirlTBD
Chewa She who is great or powerfulGirlTBD
Chime Everlasting or immortalGirlTBD
Chimeg OrnamentGirlTBD
Chit Love, she who is lovableGirlTBD
Choden The devout one or religiousGirlTBD
Chodren Lamb of the DharmaGirlTBD
Chomden She who overcomes the negativeGirlTBD
Dawa Born on a MondayGirlTBD
Dechen One who can reach out for happiness and joyGirlTBD
Dechen Health and happinessGirlTBD
Diki Healthy and wealthyGirlTBD
Dohna A female deityGirlTBD
Dojin It means path of loveGirlTBD
Dokai Way steps,GirlTBD
Dolkar The name of a Buddhist GoddessGirlTBD
Druk Thunder dragonGirlTBD
Druki They are peace loving individualsGirlTBD
Duangkamol Right from the heartGirlTBD
Duanphen Full moonGirlTBD
Eindra A name of Lord IndraGirlTBD
Enkhjargal Peaceful happiness or peace blessingGirlTBD
Enkhtuya Ray of peaceGirlTBD
Erhi a musical instrumentGirlTBD
Etsudo a Japanese name meaning joy and childGirlTBD
Fuji Refers to prosperous objective or flourishing opinionGirlTBD
Fumiko Academic or intellectualGirlTBD
Gan The bold oneGirlTBD
Garma Goddess of danceGirlTBD
Gawa Joy and happinessGirlTBD
Genji Who is most valuable as GoldGirlTBD
Gerel LightGirlTBD
Gewa Positive karmaGirlTBD
Goldeheve The one with sixth sense, high energy level, senstiveness and possess a high sense of awarenessGirlTBD
Goldeholda A person who is rich and have a huge collection of ornaments In other meanings a person who is very intelligentGirlTBD
Hayma ForestGirlTBD
Haymar A variant of Hayma, meaning forestGirlTBD
Heljo Blessed, HolyGirlTBD
Hella Successful, victoriousGirlTBD
Hla She who is beautifulGirlTBD
Hlaing Plenty, plentifulGirlTBD
Htay Rich and wealthyGirlTBD
Htin Appear, appearanceGirlTBD
Htun SucceedGirlTBD
Htut Apex, tipGirlTBD
Htway YoungestGirlTBD
Hyma Goddess ParvathiGirlTBD
Inzali Prayer, offeringsGirlTBD
Jampa Kindness or benevolenceGirlTBD
Jayathi Experiencing victory, rejoicing for victoryGirlTBD
Justeene The name Justeene means Righteous, UprightGirlTBD
Kannika A beautiful flowerGirlTBD
Kanok Design or patternGirlTBD
Kanokwan Kanok means gold, Wan means sweetGirlTBD
Karamia Karamia means Beloved PeaceGirlTBD
Karawek A bird found in Thailand, birdGirlTBD
Karma A starGirlTBD
Karnchana A beautiful and lovely girlGirlTBD
Kesang Fabulous period of timeGirlTBD
Khenbish NobodyGirlTBD
Khin Kindness, one who is kindGirlTBD
Khongordzol ThistleGirlTBD
Khulan Onager, wild donkey It was the name of Genghis Khans wifeGirlTBD
Khun Mae The honorable motherGirlTBD
Khunbish Not a human beingGirlTBD
Kohsoom Lotus in Thai languageGirlTBD
Kokoro Heart, Mind, Emotions, FeelingsGirlTBD
Kongkea Big WaterGirlTBD
Kulap The flower roseGirlTBD
Kwang Thai word for deerGirlTBD
Kyaw Famous, fameGirlTBD
Kyi ClearGirlTBD
Kyine She who smells sweetGirlTBD
Kywe RichGirlTBD
Lawan BeautifulGirlTBD
Leakhena An attribute, characteristic, qualityGirlTBD
Lhamu A goddessGirlTBD
Li Jing Li means Reason, Logic, Establish, Black, Dawn, Beautiful, Jing means Quiet, Still, Gentle, Essence, Spirit, Clear, CrystalGirlTBD
Li Na Li means Beautiful, Reason, Logic, Establish, Black, Dawn, Na means Elegant, Graceful, DelicateGirlTBD
Li Xiu Li means Beautiful, Reason, Logic, Establish, Black, Dawn, Xiu means Develop, Luxuriant, Beautiful, Elegant, OutstandingGirlTBD


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