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Top 378 Trending Buddhist Baby Boy Names for 2020

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Buddhism is the religion with over 520 million followers, or over 7% of the global population. Buddhism enclose a variety of traditions, beliefs and spirituality based on the teaching of Lord Buddha. Here in this article we've tried to present Top 378 Most Popular Buddhist Baby Boy Names for 2020. Pick a trending Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Myanmar, Sinhalese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, South Korean, Indian, Malay Buddhist Baby Boy Name from the following collection of Buddhist Names which are loaded with Meaning, Origin & Numerology.

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Name Meaning Gender Numerology
A-wut WeaponBoyTBD
Abhaya FearlessBoyTBD
Adhiarja SafetyBoyTBD
Adika The first child of the second husbandBoyTBD
Agung Grand or greatBoyTBD
Ananada One who is prosperous, prosperousBoyTBD
Anh Smart, intelligentBoyTBD
Anuman Small patienceBoyTBD
Anurak Anurak is the male angel in Thai mythologyBoyTBD
Anzan Quiet MountainBoyTBD
Arban A fluent manBoyTBD
Arkar SkyBoyTBD
Asahi Morning SunBoyTBD
Ashwaghosh Name of Buddhist philosopherBoyTBD
Asnee LightningBoyTBD
Atid The sunBoyTBD
Aung Success, she who is destined for a successful lifeBoyTBD
Aye CoolBoyTBD
Bagaskoro Sun raysBoyTBD
Bagus Handsome or excellentBoyTBD
Bakti An obedient boyBoyTBD
Bankei Ten Thousand BlessingsBoyTBD
Banko EverlastingBoyTBD
Banyu WaterBoyTBD
Banzan Indestructible MountainBoyTBD
Bao To Order, To BidBoyTBD
Basho Banana PlantBoyTBD
Bassui High Above AverageBoyTBD
Bat Erdene Strong jewelBoyTBD
Bataar Hero, a heroic figureBoyTBD
Batbayar Strong joyBoyTBD
Batjargal Firm happinessBoyTBD
Batsaikhan He who is strong and niceBoyTBD
Batuhan Firm, hard or strongBoyTBD
Batukhan A firm rulerBoyTBD
Batzorig Courageous, and strongBoyTBD
Bensen Be DiligentBoyTBD
Bhadrapala Protector of GoodnessBoyTBD
Boddhidharma A person who is a follower of BuddhismBoyTBD
Bolin An elder brother of the rainBoyTBD
Boon-Mee Lucky, a lucky and fortunate boyBoyTBD
Boon-Nam One born with a good fortuneBoyTBD
Brahmadhvaja One who is the warrior of GodBoyTBD
Bu He who is a leaderBoyTBD
Buddha Awakened Lord BuddhaBoyTBD
Buddhamitra Friend of BuddhaBoyTBD
Budh One who is enlightedBoyTBD
Budhh He who has been enlightedBoyTBD
Budi To have reason, mind or a characterBoyTBD
Bupposo Buddha-Dharma-SanghaBoyTBD
Butsugen Buddha EyeBoyTBD
Butsuju Buddha-Life Buddha-AgeBoyTBD
Buu A person who is a chiefBoyTBD
Cahya One who is the light in darknessBoyTBD
Cais A person who rejoicesBoyTBD
Candavira A male name, mainly given to those who are BuddhistsBoyTBD
Candrasurya A moon-like manBoyTBD
Canh The endlessness of the environmentBoyTBD
Cetan HawkBoyTBD
Chaghatai Mongolian word for babyBoyTBD
Chai Son A mischievous boyBoyTBD
Chaisai VictoryBoyTBD
Chaiya VictoryBoyTBD
Chakan An able bodied personBoyTBD
Chalerm CelebratedBoyTBD
Chalermchai A celebrated victoryBoyTBD
Chaloem The apexBoyTBD
Champo He who is friendlyBoyTBD
Channarong An experienced warriorBoyTBD
Chenghiz He who is greatest and wiseBoyTBD
Chiko Light of WisdomBoyTBD
Chimon Wisdom GateBoyTBD
Chingis A variant of Chenghiz It means greatest and wiseBoyTBD
Chinshu Calm Prefecture Calm PlaceBoyTBD
Chinua Blessings from GodBoyTBD
Chorei Transparent spiritualityBoyTBD
Chosui Purifying WaterBoyTBD
Chuanchen PersuasionBoyTBD
Chugai Transcending Universe to exist above and independentBoyTBD
Chuluun Stone, or he who is strong as stoneBoyTBD
Chuluunbold Stone steelBoyTBD
Chuong Chapter a part of a whole storyBoyTBD
Cuong Flourishing, healthyBoyTBD
Da Shin Peaceful HeartBoyTBD
Dachen Great joyBoyTBD
Daeshim Great MindBoyTBD
Daibai Big PlumBoyTBD
Daiden Great TransmissionBoyTBD
Daido Great WayBoyTBD
Daiji Filled with love and compassionBoyTBD
Daikaku Great EnlightenmentBoyTBD
Daikan Powerful and active, Great ContemplationBoyTBD
Daiko Great LightBoyTBD
Dainin Great Patience Great EnduranceBoyTBD
Daishin Great Truth Boundless RealityBoyTBD
Daivika Related to the GodsBoyTBD


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