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Meaning Green
Gender Boy
Numerology TBD
Origin India
Country India
Ctaegory Modern

HARIT Name Popularity

Similar Names To Harit:-
Name Meaning Gender Numerology Origin Country Category
Aarit One who seeks the rightdirection,Honoured, Admired Boy 4 Hindu India Hindu
Adhrit Who does not need support but supports every one, LordVishnu Boy 6 Hindu India Hindu
Akrit Helping others Boy 5 Hindu India Hindu
Iqrit A man of early Islam about whom amusing tales are told Boy TBD MUSLIM INDIA MUSLIM
Amrit Nector Boy 7 Punjabi India Punjabi
Amrit; Amarit Gods Nectar Girl 6 Punjabi India Punjabi
Prit Love Boy Punjabi India Punjabi
Amrit nectar Boy 7 SANSKRIT India SANSKRIT
Harit green Boy 2 SANSKRIT India SANSKRIT
Hitakrit well wisher, well to do Boy 6 SANSKRIT India SANSKRIT
Amrit Nector Boy 7 Assamese India Assamese
Prit Love Girl Assamese India Assamese
Somprit Beautiful Light of Moon Religious Boy Assamese India Assamese
Harit Green Boy 2 Bengali Bangladesh Bengali
Indukirit Lord shiv Boy 7 Bengali Bangladesh Bengali
Kirit A crown Boy 4 Bengali Bangladesh Bengali
Derorit Free Girl 8 Hebrew Israel Hebrew
Gurit Innocent Girl 3 Hebrew Israel Hebrew
Lirit Poetic Girl 5 Hebrew Israel Hebrew
Nairit South West Boy Kannada India Kannada
Harit Green Lion Boy Kannada India Kannada
Sukrit Good Deed Boy Kannada India Kannada
Sharrit Flowing Stream River Girl Marathi India Marathi
Abhiprit Victorious Love Boy Marathi India Marathi
Anaamrit Not Struck by Death Boy Marathi India Marathi
Amarit Gods nectar Boy 8 Sikh India Sikh
Amrit Nectar Boy 7 Sikh India Sikh
Asrit Somebody who gives shelter, One who gives refuge to others, God of wealth, One who protects others, Rite of dependency, Trust on God, One who is dependent on God, Subramaniam Swami Boy 4 Sikh India Sikh
Amrit nectar Boy 7 TAMIL INDIA TAMIL
Harit green Boy 2 TAMIL INDIA TAMIL
Hitakrit well wisher, well to do Boy 6 TAMIL INDIA TAMIL
Amrit nectar Boy 7 TELUGU INDIA TELUGU
Hitakrit well wisher, well to do Boy 6 TELUGU INDIA TELUGU
Kukrit great power authority Boy 9 Thai Thailand Thai
Ruang Rit mighty Boy 9 Thai Thailand Thai