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100 Unique Baby Girl Names Inspired By Autumn Season


Are you looking for girl names for your baby girl born in autumn season! AngelsName has collected a list of unique baby girl names inspired by autumn season, which might sound pretty perfect for your baby girl born in autumn. In this article you will get to know 100 autumn baby names, which you may consider for your new born baby girl. The baby names related to Autumn are - symbol of "youth, growth, adulthood, maturity, ripeness, change, beauty, preparing for an end ". All the girl names listed below are pretty perfect for your baby girl born in autumn season.

In this article you will get to know baby names that mean Autumn Season, which you may consider for your new born baby girl. (Unique Girl Names Meaning Autumn Season) All names for autumn girls are arranged with its meaning, origin and numerology.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Adam Red EarthHebrew Girl 1
Agniv Bright as LightSanskritGirl 8
Aki Bright , AutumnJapaneseGirl 3
Akihana Autumn flowerJapaneseGirl 9
Akina Flower of AutumnJapaneseGirl 9
Amber JewelArabicGirl 3
Angarika Flame colored flowerSanskrit Girl 8
Annona Of the harvestLatinGirl 5
Archisha New beginningSanskritGirl 4
Ash Ash TreeHebrew Girl 1
Asher HappyHebrewGirl 6
Aspen Trees with Heart-shaped LeavesBritishGirl 1
Aster StarGreekGirl 9
Auburn Moderate or reddish brownBritishGirl 5
Aurelia GoldenLatin Girl 4
Aurelia GoldLatinGirl 4
Aurelia GoldenLatinGirl 4
Autumn AutumnusLatinGirl 9
Autumn Fall seasonLatinGirl 9
Azure Sky blueBritishGirl 8
Branden Brown hillBritishGirl 4
Bronwyn Fair WelshGirl 3
Bruno BrownGerman Girl 7
Carmine Flower HebrewGirl 9
Cera Fiery oneLatinGirl 9
Chyou AutumnChineseGirl 9
Clara Clear, bright, famousLatinGirl 8
Coral Pink semi-precious sea growthBritishGirl 4
Dahlia FlowerScandinavianGirl 8
Daphne Bay TreeGreekGirl 3
Daria PersianWealthyGirl 6
Diya A lampIndianGirl 3
Filbert BrilliantGermanGirl 9
Freesia Autumnal flowerGermanGirl 9
Gaia EarthGreekGirl 9
Garnet Dark red gemstoneBritishGirl 2
Ginger Pure, chaste, virginalBritishGirl 6
Goldie Metal GoldBritishGirl 7
Hazeena Autumn,Treasure, ForeverMuslimGirl 6
Hazel The tree BritishGirl 7
Honor Dignity or reputationLatin Girl 7
Hri Holy chant of hymnsIndianGirl 8
Hue ColorsVietnameseGirl 7
Hunter One who huntsBritishGirl 5
Iris RainbowGreekGirl 1
Ivy Autumnal flowerGreekGirl 2
Jora Autumn rainHebrew Girl 8
Jorah Autumn roseHebrew Girl 7
Juniper Juniper trees LatinGirl 3
Laelia Flower HebrewGirl 4
Laurel LaureltreeLatinGirl 6
Lavender FlowerBritishGirl 9
Leora LightHebrewGirl 6
Libra BalanceGreekGirl 6
Liqiu Beautiful autumnChineseGirl 5
Maple Maple leavesBritishGirl 2
Marigold Golden flowerBritishGirl 7
Misty Light fogBritishGirl 5
Nerine Sea NymphGreekGirl 2
Nyssa New beginningHebrew Girl 6
Oakley Clearing of oak trees BritishGirl 6
Olive Olive treeBritishGirl 9
Onella LightGreekGirl 5
Opal JewelSanskritGirl 8
Oriana DawnLatinGirl 4
Orla Golden princessIrish Girl 1
Perry Pear treeBritishGirl 1
Phoenix Dark redGreekGirl 1
Pomona The goddess of fruitful abundance LatinGirl 2
Preshthi Ray of lightIndianGirl 4
Qiu AutumnChineseGirl 2
Qiulan Autumn flowerMandarinGirl 2
Quilo North WindRomanGirl 2
Rajika LampIndianGirl 5
Reed Red hairedBritishGirl 5
Rhea Flowing streamGreekGirl 5
Rowan little red oneGaelicGirl 8
Ruby Red coloured gemstoneLatinGirl 3
Russet Lovely reddish-brown colourBritishGirl 3
Sapphire GemstoneHebrewGirl 2
Scarlett RedBritishGirl 8
Seble AutumnEthiopianGirl 7
Sharadashri Beauty of autumnIndianGirl 7
Sharadhi MoonofautumnIndianGirl 5
Sharadini AutumnIndianGirl 2
Sharanya Guarantor of refugeIndianGirl 6
Sharika Goddess DurgaIndianGirl 4
Sienna Reddish-brown, the colour of the fallItalianGirl 8
Silvia Sprite of the woodLatinGirl 9
Talia Morning dewHebrew Girl 7
Teresa HarvestGreekGirl 5
Thu AutumnVietnameseGirl 4
Usra First lightIndianGirl 5
Vartika LampIndianGirl 1
Viola FlowerLatinGirl 5
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