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500 Adorable Baby Girl Names Inspired By Spring Season


Are you looking for girl names for your baby girl born in spring season!
AngelsName has collected a list of unique baby girl names inspired by spring season, which might sound pretty perfect for your baby girl born in spring season. In this article you will get to know 500 spring baby names, which you may consider for your new born baby girl.

The baby names related to Spring are - symbol of "love, hope, new birth, youth and growth". In this article All the girl names meaning are related to spring, love, hope, new birth, youth, growth, cute and beauty. All the girl names listed below are pretty perfect for your baby girl born in spring season.

In this article you will get to know baby names that mean Spring Season, which you may consider for your new born baby girl. (Unique Girl Names Meaning Spring Season) All names for spring girls are arranged with its meaning, origin and numerology.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Aamanee Goodwish,SpringseasonVasanth RituUrduGirl 4
Aamani Spring seasonIndianGirl 3
Aamini Spring seasonIndianGirl 2
Abeytu Green leafAmericanGirl 2
Abhijata Well bornwomanIndianGirl 7
Abhijita VictoriouswomanIndianGirl 6
Abhiroopa BeautifulwomanIndianGirl 4
Abhirupa BeautifulwomanIndianGirl 4
Abril The start of springSpanish Girl 6
Adla Just, FairwomanSwahiliGirl 9
Afra Dust colored,WhiteArabicGirl 8
Afraa Dust colored,WhiteArabicGirl 9
Ahalya Rishi gautamas wife,Womanrescued by LordRama,NightIndianGirl 3
Aighar She was a religious,RighteouswomanUrduGirl 8
Aini Spring,Flower, Source, ChoiceArabicGirl 6
Aishya SpringIndianGirl 9
Ajwa A sensitive plant, Touch me not plant,Modestwoman1ArabicGirl 8
Akina Spring flowerJapanese Girl 9
Akina Spring flowerJapaneseGirl 9
Alaia VirtuousArabicGirl 6
Amani SpringseasonVasanth Ritu,Leader, InsightfulKiswahiliGirl 2
Anamika Ring finger,Virtuous, Free of the limitations imposed by a nameIndianGirl 5
Anandhi AlwaysHappywomanIndianGirl 6
Anandi AlwaysHappywomanIndianGirl 7
Anastasia ResurrectionGreekGirl 4
Anasuya Without spite or envy,LearnedwomanIndianGirl 1
Anat The goddess of fertility, a new lifeSemitic Girl 9
Angana HandsomewomanIndianGirl 2
Anindita Beautiful,Virtuous, VeneratedIndianGirl 9
Aninditha Beautiful,Virtuous, VeneratedIndianGirl 8
Ansuya Without spite or envy,LearnedwomanArabicGirl 9
Anugna BeautifulwomanIndianGirl 4
Aparajita One of the kauravas, Unconquerablewoman, Undefeated, Name of aflowerIndianGirl 5
Aparajitha One of the kauravas, Unconquerablewoman, Undefeated, Name of aflowerIndianGirl 4
April SpringLatin Girl 2
Aqeelah Wise, Sensible,IntelligentwomanArabicGirl 4
Aqilah Wise, Sensible,IntelligentwomanArabicGirl 3
Arjuni Dawn,WhitecowIndianGirl 1
Aroob Lovingto her husbandwomanArabicGirl 6
Aruba Mother, WorthywomanArabicGirl 7
Ashmika Abeautifulwomanwith long hairIndianGirl 8
Aspen TreeBritishGirl 1
Aurora Goddess of the dawnLatinGirl 2
Ava like a birdLatinGirl 6
Avhnipaala OfwarriorkingsHebrewGirl 4
Aviva SpringlikeHebrewGirl 1
Avivah SpringtimeHebrew Girl 9
Avril The month of AprilFrenchGirl 8
Avrill SpringBritishGirl 2
Aya ColourJapanese Girl 9
Aysha Woman,LifeThe Name of wife of prophet Muhammad PBUHPersianGirl 9
Azalea FlowerGreek Girl 1
Bahameen SpringPersianGirl 4
Bahamin SpringPersianGirl 3
Bahar SpringPersian Girl 3
Baharak Small springPersianGirl 6
Baiza White,Bright,BrilliantEritreaGirl 3
Balqees Distinguishedwoman of her times, The name of thequeenof sheba ArabicGirl 7
Basanti SpringIndianGirl 3
Batool Ascetic virgin, Atruedevoteewomanof Allah, ImmaculateArabicGirl 2
Batul Ascetic virgin, Atruedevoteewomanof Allah, ImmaculateArabicGirl 2
Bazala GenerouswomanUrduGirl 7
Beryl Green valleyBritishGirl 8
Bhaama Charming,Famous, PassionatewomanIndianGirl 8
Bhaamini Brilliant,Beautiful, Passionate,WomanIndianGirl 3
Bhaavini Emotional, ThebeautifulwomanIndianGirl 3
Bhama Charming,Beautiful,Famous, Passionatewoman, BrilliancefamousIndianGirl 7
Bhamini Brilliant,Beautiful, Passionate,WomanIndianGirl 2
Bhanuni CharmingwomanIndianGirl 6
Bhavini Emotional, ThebeautifulwomanIndianGirl 2
Bhaviya Grand,Splendid,Virtuous, Composed, Another name for Goddess PaarvatiIndianGirl 5
Bianca WhiteItalyGirl 3
Birch Birch treeBritishGirl 4
Birdie A birdBritishGirl 2
Blossom To bloomBritishGirl 5
Bluebell Flower bluebellBritishGirl 8
Caroun SpringAmericanGirl 9
Chaarvi Beautifulgirl,BeautifulwomanIndianGirl 8
Chaitree Born in springIndianGirl 6
Chaitri Born inSpring,Beautiful,HappyIndianGirl 5
Changuna A goodwomanIndianGirl 6
Charusheela Thebeautifulwoman,BeautifuljewelIndianGirl 2
Charushila Thebeautifulwoman,BeautifuljewelIndianGirl 1
Charusila Thebeautifulwoman,BeautifuljewelIndianGirl 2
Charvi Beautifulgirl,BeautifulwomanIndianGirl 7
Cheena PurewhitemarbleIndianGirl 9
Chitrini Beautifulwomanwith artistic talentsIndianGirl 9
Chloe Green shootGreekGirl 7
Choonhee Spring girlKoreanGirl 1
Chun SpringChineseGirl 1
Chunhua Spring flowerChineseGirl 4
Chuntao Spring peachChineseGirl 1
Claire Bright and ClearFrenchGirl 3
Cloria Goddess of springGreekGirl 4
Crescenzo To spring upItalianGirl 9
Danica Morning StarHebrewGirl 5
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