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315 Most Popular Anglo-Saxon Boy Names


Are you looking for a trendy Anglo-Saxon name for your newborn baby Boy? To help you in searching for Anglo-Saxon baby boy names, we have created an extensive list of 315 most popular boy names in Anglo-Saxon origin.

Choose a unique name from our newest collection of 315 popular Anglo-Saxon Baby Boy Names with meaning.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Aeldra Lives at the Elder Tree means NobleAnglo-SaxonBoy 5
Aelfric Elf Ruler King of ElvesAnglo-SaxonBoy 9
Aelle Name of Several Kings one of many names after ElfAnglo-SaxonBoy 8
Aescwine Spear FriendAnglo-SaxonBoy 7
Aethelbald Noble and Bold A King of MerciaAnglo-SaxonBoy 7
Aethelbert Bright NobilityAnglo-SaxonBoy 6
Aethelfrith Noble PeaceAnglo-SaxonBoy 4
Aethelhard Noble StrengthAnglo-SaxonBoy 1
Aethelhere Name of a KingAnglo-SaxonBoy 6
Aethelstan Noble StoneAnglo-SaxonBoy 6
Aethelwulf Noble WolfAnglo-SaxonBoy 5
Agilberht Name of a BishopAnglo-SaxonBoy 1
Aiekin OakenAnglo-SaxonBoy 4
Aiken sturdy, oakenAnglo-SaxonBoy 4
Aldfrith Name of a KingAnglo-SaxonBoy 6
Aldhelm Name of a BishopAnglo-SaxonBoy 1
Alfric Elf King A Variant of name AelfricAnglo-SaxonBoy 4
Almund Noble Protection Defender of the TempleAnglo-SaxonBoy 2
Alston from the old manorAnglo-SaxonBoy 9
Anson son of a nobleman, son of Ann or HansAnglo-SaxonBoy 9
Arlo manly, strongAnglo-SaxonBoy 1
Atol Someone who is hatefulAnglo-SaxonBoy 3
Attwell Lives by the Spring Someone who lived by the streamAnglo-SaxonBoy 3
Atwater From the Water Edge Someone who lived by the River or LakeAnglo-SaxonBoy 7
Atwell Lives by the Spring Someone who lived by the streamAnglo-SaxonBoy 1
Averel Old English - Boar like in Battle A variant of AverillAnglo-SaxonBoy 9
Averell Old English - Boar like in Battle A variant of AverillAnglo-SaxonBoy 3
Averil Old English - Boar like in Battle A variant of AverillAnglo-SaxonBoy 4
Avery Confirmation they are an Elf ruler a sageAnglo-SaxonBoy 8
Aylett One who has noble and great personalityAnglo-SaxonBoy 2
Baldwinn A bold and beautiful personAnglo-SaxonBoy 7
Bardon barley valleyAnglo-SaxonBoy 9
Beorma A name of a man who inhabited Bermingham A name probably means fermented or frothy in Old EnglishAnglo-SaxonBoy 9
Berkeley from the birch meadowAnglo-SaxonBoy 2
Bordan One who comes from the valley of bearsAnglo-SaxonBoy 9
Borden He lives in the valley of bearsAnglo-SaxonBoy 4
Boyden a heraldAnglo-SaxonBoy 2
Bradwin A bearded friendAnglo-SaxonBoy 8
Brandon One who is a brave, vigilant personAnglo-SaxonBoy 5
Braxton Settlement of the BrockAnglo-SaxonBoy 4
Bron A dark or brown manAnglo-SaxonBoy 4
Cadman One who is a soldier, a warriorAnglo-SaxonBoy 9
Cafnoth An Anglo-Saxon male nameAnglo-SaxonBoy 4
Ceatta A name of the obscure Anglo-Saxon saintAnglo-SaxonBoy 5
Ceawlin A name of the KingAnglo-SaxonBoy 4
Cenhelm A brave man who protectsAnglo-SaxonBoy 6
Cenwalh The name of a KingAnglo-SaxonBoy 3
Ceolmund The one who protects and pampersAnglo-SaxonBoy 6
Ceolweard Name of a King they are belovedAnglo-SaxonBoy 5
Ceolwulf A beloved KingAnglo-SaxonBoy 7
Cerdic Name of King the beloved oneAnglo-SaxonBoy 6
Chadwik They are warriorAnglo-SaxonBoy 5
Chadwyck The dairy farm of CeaddaAnglo-SaxonBoy 6
Coelfrid One who comes from the coal fieldsAnglo-SaxonBoy 9
Coenbehrt A brave and bold advisorAnglo-SaxonBoy 9
Coenberg A bold and brave oneAnglo-SaxonBoy 6
Coenburg He is bold like a fortressAnglo-SaxonBoy 4
Courtnay Lives in the court CourtdwellerAnglo-SaxonBoy 9
Crompton Originated from the word Crumpton which implies bowed or malformed Could be used to refer to a person from the winding farmAnglo-SaxonBoy 6
Croston A farm or a settlementAnglo-SaxonBoy 5
Croydon A ValleyAnglo-SaxonBoy 4
Cuddie The bright oneAnglo-SaxonBoy 1
Cuin A reasonable free manAnglo-SaxonBoy 2
Cusick A harsh termAnglo-SaxonBoy 3
Cuthred A counselAnglo-SaxonBoy 7
Cuthwulf Wolf one filled with powerAnglo-SaxonBoy 6
Cyneagils The Royal RulerAnglo-SaxonBoy 5
Cynefrid The one who is kinglike and a noble beingAnglo-SaxonBoy 3
Cynegils Name of a born KingAnglo-SaxonBoy 4
Cyneric The one who has powerAnglo-SaxonBoy 5
Cynerik A royal and powerful personAnglo-SaxonBoy 4
Cynesige The one who always winsAnglo-SaxonBoy 6
Cynewulf An elegant royal KingAnglo-SaxonBoy 1
Daegal Night dwellerAnglo-SaxonBoy 3
Dodson A determined and pratical person by natureAnglo-SaxonBoy 8
Dunton A settlement name hillAnglo-SaxonBoy 7
Durwin A good and dear friendAnglo-SaxonBoy 8
Dyke Dike or ditchAnglo-SaxonBoy 9
Eadbert Name of a KingAnglo-SaxonBoy 1
Eadberth It means a blessed personAnglo-SaxonBoy 9
Eadhelm A friendly and social personAnglo-SaxonBoy 3
Eadmaer The one who comes from riches and greatnessAnglo-SaxonBoy 2
Eadred A rich, happy and eager personAnglo-SaxonBoy 1
Eadwacer Heaven-watcher A person who is of expressive natureAnglo-SaxonBoy 6
Eadwig It means a rich or prosperous personAnglo-SaxonBoy 4
Ealdgyth An old battle maid the noble oneAnglo-SaxonBoy 1
Ealhred A hall or a big placeAnglo-SaxonBoy 8
Ealhstan They are stone hard and temple pureAnglo-SaxonBoy 8
Eamon wealthy guardianAnglo-SaxonBoy 3
Earconbert One who has many qualities and personal insightAnglo-SaxonBoy 2
Earle It means chief or noblemanAnglo-SaxonBoy 5
Ecgbert A sharp edge of a swordAnglo-SaxonBoy 6
Ecgfrith A born leader name of a kingAnglo-SaxonBoy 4
Edburga The great, guardian protectorAnglo-SaxonBoy 4
Edgard A brave and strong spearmanAnglo-SaxonBoy 3
Edgert Who has sharpness of a blade borderAnglo-SaxonBoy 5
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