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Most Popular Hungarian Baby Boy Names With Meaning


Are you looking for a trendy Hungarian name for your newborn baby Boy? To help you in searching for Hungarian baby boy names, we have created an extensive list of the 150+ most popular boy names of Hungarian origin.

Choose a unique name from our newest collection of the most popular Hungarian Baby Boy Names with meaning.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Aba FatherHungarianBoy 4
Adelbert Bright Or NobleHungarianBoy 4
Adony Powerful, CompleteHungarianBoy 5
Albert Bright Or NobleHungarianBoy 4
Andor ManlyHungarianBoy 7
Anna Name of a King, Food, Grain, Earth and Water, GodHungarianBoy 3
Arpad The Light of Redemption, WandererHungarianBoy 4
Asztrik Made From AshenwoodHungarianBoy 5
Atilla Beloved FatherHungarianBoy 1
Attila Gothic - Little Father, Derived from element Atta which means FatherHungarianBoy 9
Bajnok VictorHungarianBoy 8
Bars PepperHungarianBoy 4
Becse The KiteHungarianBoy 7
Bence VictorHungarianBoy 2
Benci BlessedHungarianBoy 6
Beriszl HonorHungarianBoy 1
Bod BranchHungarianBoy 3
Bodi God Bless The KingHungarianBoy 3
Bodor CurlyHungarianBoy 9
Boldizsar God Bless The KingHungarianBoy 7
Brorda A rib in HungarianHungarianBoy 4
Csaba From Mythology, Sheperd, WandererHungarianBoy 8
Cseke Puller, CarrierHungarianBoy 7
Csenger UnknownHungarianBoy 8
Csepel Young ForestHungarianBoy 6
Csombor UnknownHungarianBoy 4
Csongor Hunting BirdHungarianBoy 1
Dacso God JudgesHungarianBoy 6
Daniel A ProphetHungarianBoy 9
Danko A pet nameHungarianBoy 9
David A beloved friendHungarianBoy 4
Deco LordHungarianBoy 9
Deli WarriorHungarianBoy 3
Denes Follower of God who love detailHungarianBoy 2
Dominik One who is born out of a God, has Godly mannersHungarianBoy 3
Domokos He who Belongs to the GodHungarianBoy 2
Domonkos A practical, efficient and down to earth beingHungarianBoy 7
Dorjan A dark man, efficient and lovingHungarianBoy 8
Egyed ShieldbearerHungarianBoy 1
Endre ManlyHungarianBoy 1
Ervin MarinerHungarianBoy 5
Farkas He who is like a WolfHungarianBoy 2
Ferenc A man with freedomHungarianBoy 6
Ferka Frenchman or FrenchHungarianBoy 5
Ferko FreeHungarianBoy 1
Fodor Curly HairedHungarianBoy 4
Folkus People, FamousHungarianBoy 3
Fredek Peaceful RulerHungarianBoy 4
Frigyes Peace, Might, Peaceful CommanderHungarianBoy 8
Fulop The person who admires horsesHungarianBoy 7
Gabor Strength From GodHungarianBoy 7
Gara GoshawkHungarianBoy 9
Gazsi Protects The TreasureHungarianBoy 8
Gedeon Warrior, DevastatorHungarianBoy 5
Gellert Spear hardHungarianBoy 7
Gergely VigilantHungarianBoy 7
Gergo WatchfulHungarianBoy 7
Gerzson Stranger, BanishedHungarianBoy 5
Gyala Downy, youthful, young at heartHungarianBoy 1
Gyula Name Of A HonorHungarianBoy 3
Gyurka FarmerHungarianBoy 2
Gyuszi YouthfulHungarianBoy 8
Hont Dogbreeder, Friend Of DogsHungarianBoy 3
Huba Love, FriendshipHungarianBoy 5
Hunor A name of a Hungarian ethnic groupHungarianBoy 4
Imre InnocentHungarianBoy 9
Istvan Crowned With VictoryHungarianBoy 4
Izsak LaughterHungarianBoy 3
Jakab The God looks after himHungarianBoy 7
Jenci WellHungarianBoy 5
Jeno Well-born, NobleHungarianBoy 8
Jensey High class born or noble birthHungarianBoy 6
Joska God is GraciousHungarianBoy 2
Jozsef God is GraciousHungarianBoy 9
Jozsi God is GraciousHungarianBoy 7
Kada BreezeHungarianBoy 8
Kadosa UnknownHungarianBoy 6
Kaplony TigerHungarianBoy 4
Kapolcs UnknownHungarianBoy 5
Kardos SwordsmanHungarianBoy 5
Karoly The name Karoly means Strong ManHungarianBoy 1
Karsa FalconHungarianBoy 5
Kartal Resembling an EagleHungarianBoy 9
Kato Pure, Unsullied, ElderHungarianBoy 2
Keled UnknownHungarianBoy 1
Keleman Gentle, KindHungarianBoy 7
Kelemen GentleHungarianBoy 2
Kellman GentleHungarianBoy 5
Kemenes Furnace MakerHungarianBoy 9
Kende Name Of A HonorHungarianBoy 3
Kerecsen FalconHungarianBoy 8
Keve PebbleHungarianBoy 7
Kiss Kiss means SmallHungarianBoy 4
Klaudiusz Means The CrippleHungarianBoy 7
Kolos ScholarHungarianBoy 9
Kont UnknownHungarianBoy 6
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