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Meaning of ISH


Meaning Lord Vishnu
Gender Boy
Numerology 9
Origin TAMIL
Country INDIA
Category TAMIL

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ISH Name Popularity

Similar Names To ish:-
Name Meaning Gender Numerology Origin Country Category
Aadarsh Ideal, TheSun Boy 7 Hindu India Hindu
Aadesh Command, Message Boy 2 Hindu India Hindu
Aadhish King, Commanded, Counselled Boy 5 Hindu India Hindu
Abrash Spotted, Speckled Boy TBD MUSLIM INDIA MUSLIM
Akhfash Name of a grammarian Boy TBD MUSLIM INDIA MUSLIM
Altamash Name of a famous king Boy TBD MUSLIM INDIA MUSLIM
Darvesh Humble religious gentleman Boy 5 Punjabi India Punjabi
Gurbakhsh Blessed with Gurus Grace Boy 5 Punjabi India Punjabi
Bakhsheesh The blessed one Girl 5 Punjabi India Punjabi
Aadarsh ideal Boy 7 SANSKRIT India SANSKRIT
Aadesh command Boy 2 SANSKRIT India SANSKRIT
Aakaash sky Boy 6 SANSKRIT India SANSKRIT
Animesh To stare open-eyed Boy 6 Assamese India Assamese
Dinesh The lord of the day The sun Boy 5 Assamese India Assamese
Ganesh Lord Ganesha Son of Lord Shiva and Parvati Boy 9 Assamese India Assamese
Nash protector Boy 6 Arabic Azerbaijan Arabic
Aatish Fireworks Boy 4 Bengali Bangladesh Bengali
Abanish King Boy 9 Bengali Bangladesh Bengali
Abesh Possession Boy 8 Bengali Bangladesh Bengali
Dsh a man of virtue Boy 4 Chinese China Chinese
anoush Eternal Boy 6 Iranian Iran Iranian
Arash A hero in Persian folklore a celebrated archer also a character in Shahnameh Kay-ghobads son, and Kavus brother Boy 2 Iranian Iran Iranian
AryAmanesh Of Aryan nature Boy 6 Iranian Iran Iranian
Nash protector Boy 6 Arabic Iraq Arabic
Josh God is salvation Boy 7 Hebrew Israel Hebrew
Yehoash Gift from God Boy 9 Hebrew Israel Hebrew
Aadesh; Adesh Message Order Command Boy 3 Kannada India Kannada
Aakarsh Attraction Boy 5 Kannada India Kannada
Aakash The sky Vast like the sky Boy 5 Kannada India Kannada
Danish knowledge Boy 1 Persian Malaysia Malay
Darwish TBD Boy 1 Old Persian Malaysia Malay
Farish knight Boy 7 Arabic Malaysia Malay
Aakash The sky Vast like the sky Boy 5 Marathi India Marathi
Akash; Aakaash Sky Boy 1 Marathi India Marathi
Daksh A Son of Brahma, Capable Boy 7 Marathi India Marathi
Nash protector Boy TBD Arabic Saudi Arabia Arabic
Abinaash Eternal, Immortal Boy 1 Sikh India Sikh
Aklaksh Imperceptible, Invisible God Boy 6 Sikh India Sikh
Amitesh Infinite God Boy 3 Sikh India Sikh
Aadarsh ideal Boy 7 TAMIL INDIA TAMIL
Aadesh command Boy 2 TAMIL INDIA TAMIL
Aakaash sky Boy 6 TAMIL INDIA TAMIL
Aadarsh ideal Boy 7 TELUGU INDIA TELUGU
Aadesh command Boy 2 TELUGU INDIA TELUGU