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Top 50 Famous Greek Scientist Names With Meaning


Looking for scientific names for your newborn Greek baby boy or girl? We've compiled a comprehensive list of the top & most popular scientist names from Greece to assist you.

In this article, you will learn about Greek Scientists' most popular names for your new baby boy and girl. (Unique Greek Baby Names and Meanings Inspired by Science and Technology). Choose a standout Greek Scientist's name from our most recent list of the top & Brilliant Scientists' Names with their Beautiful Meanings.

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Choosing a Name for Your Baby: Inspired by Famous Greek Scientist

Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Anaxagoras Lord of the assemblyGreekBoy 2
Anaximander A lord or a master of many, master of menGreekBoy 5
Archimedes Master thinker, plannerGreekBoy 4
Archytas Adventure, emotional, highly attractiveGreekBoy 5
Aristotle The best of allGreekBoy 2
Crateuas Art of root cuttingGreekBoy 7
Demetrios Christodoulou Tribute to goddess of grainGreekBoy 9
Dicaearchus The one who rules with justiceGreekBoy 2
Dimitri Nanopoulos Follower of demeterGreekBoy 8
Dionysis Simopoulos Greek god wine and theaterGreekBoy 7
Elly Schwab-Agallidis Sun rayGreekGirl 4
Empedocles Glory on earth, glory to our landsGreekBoy 7
Erasistratus To totter or staggerGreekBoy 8
Eratosthenes Lovely, belovedGreekBoy 5
Fotini Markopoulou-Kalamara Light or brillianceGreekGirl 1
Galen Calm, healer, peacefulGreekBoy 3
Geminus TwinGreekBoy 7
Hero of Alexandria Brave one of the peopleGreekBoy 3
Hipparchus TBDGreekBoy 2
Hippasus TBDGreekBoy 1
Ioannis Vardoulakis God is graciousGreekBoy 7
Isidore of Miletus Gift of isisGreekBoy 1
John Iliopoulos Graced by godGreekBoy 1
Leophanes TBDGreekBoy 5
Leucippus White horseGreekBoy 5
Lucio Russo LightGreekBoy 8
Nicholas Metropolis Victory of the peopleGreekBoy 7
Panayiotis Varotsos All holy, devotee of the virgin maryGreekBoy 6
Philolaus Loving change, master of their own destiny, high intelligenceGreekBoy 5
Plato Broad-shoulderedGreekBoy 1
Posidonius Of poseidonGreekBoy 6
Ptolemy Aggressive, warlikeGreekBoy 7
Pythagoras Assembly, marketplaceGreekBoy 4
Pythias One from delphi, to rot, decayGreekBoy 8
Robert Grosseteste Bright fame, shining gloryGreekBoy 5
Savas Dimopoulos War, battle, fighting, warfareGreekBoy 3
Theophrastus One who speaks for godGreekBoy 8
Vassilis Angelopoulos Royal, kingly, son of angelosGreekBoy 1


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